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The first batch of human body scanners in the United States have been settled in the Los Angeles subway security check, and there is no longer a queue.

according to the associated press, recently, the Los Angeles subway system announced that it would adopt new human body scanners for security check at all subway stations in the city. These scanners are provided by a British security company called thruvision, which can complete the body scanning work of up to 2000 people per hour. They hope to be responsible for better sales areas, popular types of experimental machines, larger customers and so on. In this way, Los Angeles will become the first city in the United States to adopt a human body scanning security inspection system

as for the purpose of scanning with this system, it is mainly to prevent passengers from carrying weapons that pose a large-scale threat to public security. It can be seen that 1 spot of photoelectric coding folk exchange will have pulse signal output, including both metal weapons and non-metallic weapons. Of course, for security reasons, the focus of these scanners is not small arms, but something similar to suicide vests or offensive weapons

thruvision's scanners are different from those used at the airport. Passengers do not need to queue up one by one to pass the security check, but directly scan the entire crowd

according to the latest data, the average passenger flow of the Los Angeles metro system reaches 360000 per working day. Although this figure is not even a fraction compared with the 5.5 million passenger flow per working day of the subway in New York, the subway system and light rail system in Los Angeles are currently in the stage of steady expansion. The no road line connecting downtown Los Angeles and the west side is also under construction. According to the Los Angeles Times, in the past five years, thanks to the expansion of the route from downtown to Santa Monica, the number of subway passengers in the city has increased by 3.6%

however, this increase is not large. Similarly, according to the data of the Los Angeles Times, in the past five years, the passenger volume of the two largest subway lines in the city has decreased by 25%, and the number of passengers using the public transport system (including buses) as a whole has also decreased by 15%. It is reported that the reason for such a huge decline is the public's concern about safety issues. Therefore, the use of security body scanners this time is to provide a sense of security for everyone, so as to promote the growth of the number of passengers

however, everything has advantages and disadvantages. In view of the mandatory security scanning, those commuters who are anxious to go to work in the morning may avoid it and no longer choose to travel on the subway, which may allow them to be monitored

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