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Recently, a mobile crusher imported from Finland by a foreign-funded enterprise in Changzhou successfully completed the transaction, marking the successful transaction of the first batch of machinery and equipment sold through the "bonded display transaction" mode in Changzhou

"bonded exhibition transaction" policy originated in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, which refers to enterprises in the customs special supervision area registered by the customs, which can transport bonded goods in the area to be displayed and sold outside the area with guarantee. According to the spirit of the notice of the State Council on promoting the replicable reform pilot project of China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone, which has been invested and built by Foshan DuPont Hongji Film Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DuPont Hongji"), the imported goods that have not yet been sold by enterprises can be temporarily cleared without paying taxes. They can be displayed and sold in the customs bonded area first, and then transported out of the bonded area after finding the "buyer"

it is understood that the first batch of Mobile crushers transported by the enterprise into Changzhou Wujin Comprehensive Bonded Zone totaled 11, with a value of about 22.5 million yuan, and operated in the form of "bonded exhibition transaction" for the first time. After only half a month of bonded display and sales, two have found "buyers", one of which has successfully completed the delivery from the area, and the other one has been declared to be out of the area. According to statistics, this 2. Regularly check the tools and screwdriver equipment. If the normal import process is followed, and no "buyer" is found, the enterprise needs to pay about 4.7 million yuan of customs duties and value-added tax before customs clearance. After the "bonded exhibition transaction" mode is adopted, the delayed taxes can be used for other purposes, which greatly relieves the pressure on the capital turnover of enterprises. Report all day on July 13, 2016

Chen Chunyu

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