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The first batch of building materials exhibition after the epidemic, 2020 Jinan Construction Expo opened today

the first building materials exhibition after the epidemic, the 2020 Jinan Construction Expo opened today

June 22, 2020

on June 22, the 26th China (Jinan) Architectural Decoration Expo was grandly opened in Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition covers an exhibition area of more than 50000 square meters, gathered more than 800 exhibitors, and exhibited more than 3000 new products on site, attracting tens of thousands of buyers from 16 cities in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places, During the outbreak, the building materials industry stored a huge amount of consumption

exhibition industry is the "barometer" of economic and social development and the "booster" of urban development. As the "Flagship Exhibition of large home furnishing and decoration industry in northern China", the "first batch of Shandong brand exhibitions" evaluated by the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Jinan Construction Expo plays a leading role in the northern building materials and home furnishing industry. It is the first batch of professional building materials exhibitions held in China after the epidemic, pressing the industry recovery acceleration key paint

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new exhibition and new technology

under the influence of the epidemic, the state requires innovative exhibition services, and makes full use of modern information technologies such as Internet, big data, vr virtual reality to empower the exhibition. While the exhibition under Jinan Construction Expo is held, the online exhibition is also in full swing. The organizers of this exhibition joined hands with tiantiankan Information Technology Co., Ltd. to build an online "cloud Exhibition" platform integrating "Exhibitor exhibit display" and "audience interaction", so that exhibitors and visitors can communicate "screen to screen" while "face-to-face", and further expand the channels of innovative marketing and business matching of the exhibition

at the same time, the organizers joined hands with Jiuzheng building materials to build an online live broadcast room to install the exhibition, so that people who cannot reach the exhibition site, even if they are thousands of miles away, can watch the dynamics of the exhibition site at any time, find high-quality exhibitors, and realize the real-time transmission of exhibition information with the help of Internet and cloud live broadcast

new trends and opportunities

environmental protection has always been the focus of the home building materials industry. After the epidemic, consumers will cherish life, pursue health, and pay attention to green environmental protection. Health, green, environmental protection, and aldehyde free consumption will further become the mainstream consumption trend of home building materials and home decoration. At the same time, the contactless interaction of smart home can bring people a safer, intelligent and convenient life experience, making its advantages more prominent

brand exhibitors are preferred in this exhibition. The products on display, such as wooden doors, customized homes, plates, and adhesives, are mainly green, environmentally friendly, and aldehyde free, which conforms to the requirements and expectations of consumers for environmentally friendly products under the epidemic, but takes into account the compact structure when designing. At the same time, the exhibition will re promote the smart home section, with smart security, smart air switch, smart bathroom, smart clothes rack and whole house smart appearing in turn. At the exhibition site, you will see that the future of smart home is at hand

full category and multi interaction

2020 Jinan Construction Expo is committed to the display layout of the whole industry chain products of the large home construction and decoration industry, covering customized home furnishings, wood door and whole wood home decoration, sliding door and window, home soft decoration, kitchen and bathroom, smart home, floor shop, mechanical equipment and other sections. It also set up an exclusive exhibition area for industry associations, including the joint exhibition area of Shandong floor industry association, Shandong plastic floor Association The exhibition area of Shandong Building Materials Industry Association is convenient for buyers to find suitable manufacturers according to the types of exhibits and their own needs

in the face of the impact of the epidemic, Jinan Construction Expo will do its best to store and empower energy for the industry and seek a good opportunity for the development of the industry after the epidemic. At the exhibition site, the organizers encourage enterprises to display new designs, new technologies, new materials and new processes in an all-round way, and let industry insiders know the latest developments in the industry through live broadcasts and reports

The success of the 2020 Jinan Construction Expo boosted the confidence of people in the building materials and home furnishing industry to resume production, created a good industry atmosphere, and met the needs of enterprises to attract investment and join in and channel transformation and upgrading

compared with the past, this exhibition has achieved two significant optimizations. On the one hand, while optimizing the structure of audience nature and consolidating the advantages of dealers and franchisees, the price was flat compared with the previous trading day; 62% of the CIF price of fine ore in Australia is 56.1 US dollars/ton, and actively increase the number of real estate developers, designers and cross-border professionals waiting for the meeting; On the other hand, optimize the regional source structure of visitors, take Shandong as the center of audience invitation, deeply explore the county-level markets in Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places, and invite more professional visitors to the exhibition site through the forms of travel subsidies, gift distribution, associations, media linkage invitation, etc., so as to achieve precise business docking

new exhibition hall excellent prevention and control

2020 Jinan Construction Expo was held in Shandong International Convention Center, the first 100000 + exhibition hall in Jinan. The success of this Construction Expo cannot be separated from the support of government policies. Previously, Shandong International Conference and exhibition management and Operation Co., Ltd. specially formulated the "twenty articles of Jinan health conference and Exhibition", especially clarifying the detailed process of the exhibition. For example, the emergency command mechanism and related responsibilities will be implemented in each department and each link. On duty, a special person will be appointed to inspect, supervise and deal with it, so as to promote the recovery and development of the exhibition industry in Jinan and ensure the orderly progress of the exhibition industry

in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant government departments, the exhibition site should follow the general principles of "identity must be asked, information must be recorded, body temperature must be measured, masks must be worn, disinfection must be done, and emergencies must be dealt with", so as to ensure that exhibitors and visitors can safely carry out exhibition activities

as the first large-scale building materials event in Jinan after the epidemic, the successful holding of Jinan Construction Expo fully reflects the confidence and support of industry people for the opening of post epidemic exhibitions. It is reported that the 27th Jinan Construction Expo will be held in Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center on April, 2021. The exhibition will summarize experience, comprehensively upgrade, and realize multi-channel invitation, diversified promotion, multimedia cooperation, and all-round interaction. It is believed that participating in this industry event with the foresight of the former built-in report manager will greatly boost the participating enterprises in shaping the brand influence and image display. Pay attention to the official account "Jinan Construction Expo" and consult with manager Wang about relevant matters of the exhibition

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