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Qianse Huaqi and Liqi Guangdong famous trademarks have been cancelled

the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce recently announced that 120 trademarks have been cancelled as "Guangdong famous trademarks". Among them, the "Guangdong famous trademark qualification" of Heshan Heli Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Guangdong qiansehua Chemical Co., Ltd., two coating enterprises, was cancelled. Jiangmen Administration for Industry and Commerce has withdrawn the "Guangdong famous trademark certificate" and plaque of the two paint enterprises whose famous trademark qualifications have been cancelled and handed them over to the trademark administration office of the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce. The market demand for these materials will reach 13000 tons

enterprises "are as wide as the hardness and effective depth of hardened layer with relatively smooth surface, electroplated layer, nitrided layer with low failure rate, carburized layer, all kinds of copper strips, thin wires, blades, thin sheets 3 μ There are different reasons for the cancellation of the qualification of "famous trademark of East Province" in the surface hardness measurement of M parts, but it is understood that Heli chemical and qiansehua belong to the application for renewal of famous trademarks after expiration. Heli Industrial Co., Ltd., headquartered in Heshan City, Guangdong Province, is a professional enterprise producing furniture paint, decoration paint and architectural paint. Its main brand is Heli paint. Guangdong qiansehua Chemical Co., Ltd. is a diversified coating group integrating coating R & D, production, operation and sales in China. It owns many upstream and downstream coating chemical enterprises, such as Guangdong qiansehua Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu qiansehua Chemical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jiasen Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangmen qiansehua coating Co., Ltd. Qiansehua paint is a famous brand

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