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Intoxicating transparent rum label

in 2002, Hiram Walker acquired the brand Malibu from Diageo. At that time, Malibu coconut flavored rum has been quite popular in the market. The microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine is your better choice

malibu coconut flavored Rum White shrink sleeve label is provided by Gilbreth company (), and the label is printed with clear coconut tree graphics. This design has made a significant contribution to the hot sale of the product

in the summer of 2004, when the company was ready to extend Malibu's product line and launch mango and pineapple flavored rum, Gilbreth naturally became the only choice for packaging suppliers. Kevin nantau, coordinator of Malibu's new product marketing project, said: "It is a challenge to harmonize the appearance of the two new products with that of coconut flavored rum. Initially, we planned to continue to use the bottle of coconut flavored rum, retain the white shrink label, and then specify the taste of the new product. But later, we decided to adopt the transparent packaging design. In the design process of these shrink labels, Gilbreth's creative support made us very happy, and its effect also made our business The sales team was very satisfied. "

guida Seibert dairy, based in Connecticut, USA, also uses shrink labels on its 12 ounce HDPE bottles of super solo milk and other products

Gilbreth was also hesitant at first about the large increase in the orders of extruder enterprises, which is very challenging to control the positive and negative rotation of electromechanical devices. Kevin nantau described: "At first, the ink was difficult to recognize, especially at the bottleneck, because there was a higher degree of shrinkage, and the transparency was worse than the other parts of the bottle. But in fact, we saw that the Carl Zeiss nameplate at the location of the lumia 900 back camera was so easy to scratch. Gilbreth soon came up with a suitable ink, producing the transparent effect we wanted. This kind of bottle requires a shrinkage of up to 75% at the neck, compared with the bottle The body part is only 10%. In order to achieve this effect, the key to success is to choose the right materials and technology. This is the biggest challenge. "

gilbreth produces shrink labels for Marley rum with PETG as raw material, and the production plant is located in Pennsylvania. The labels are printed with a custom-made 8-color gravure printing machine, which has been specially adapted for the shrink label market. The edge banding equipment used is specially designed for Gilbreth, which has the narrowest and widest edge banding capability in the industry

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