The most festive and exquisite navel orange packag

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Festive exquisite navel orange packaging

this exquisite and compact 榰 tspan navel orange appeared on a flight on a route in southern China before the Spring Festival. The packaging uses micro corrugated boxes, which are stronger than ordinary cartons and have stronger compression resistance. Cartons 2. The first ecological overview report was published in 1996. It is poor in activity. Its appearance is festive red and printed with the Yellow word Fu, which is in line with the traditional culture of the Chinese people and the festive psychology of the increasingly enthusiastic market trend

the front and back sides of the box are the blessing words of "congratulations on the new year" and the information of "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games air passenger transport partner"; If you want to know more information, you are welcome to pay attention to the hollowed out "Fu" character on the side of this website. It is not only exquisite and beautiful, but also attracts the attention of consumers. It allows consumers to have a glimpse of the shape and color of fruits, enhances the affinity of products, and also improves consumers' trust in products. The semi-circular structure on the top of the carton is cut and folded, which is easy to carry, and makes the whole package look like a hanging lantern, making consumers full of fun when enjoying fruits

there is a liner inside the carton, which can not only fix the oranges, but also help buffer the pressure during transportation and reduce product loss

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