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Good! The cargo is stranded in the port, the wharf is congested, and the tariff reduction policy of many countries' ports is coming

release date: Source: International Trade and international shipping

during the global epidemic, many countries closed ports and shut down

the global shipping industry is facing a test

many governments are also actively taking measures

implementing port tariff reduction policies

providing protection for import and export enterprises

multinational port related tariff reduction policies

China: the amount of preferential relief measures will exceed 1billion

on March 3, the executive meeting of the State Council pointed out, We should further reduce the logistics costs of foreign trade enterprises. From March 1 to June 30, the port construction fee for import and export goods will be exempted, and the government fixed charges such as cargo port charges and port facility security fees will be reduced by 20%. It is expected that by the end of June, the cumulative amount of various preferential relief measures for major port enterprises across the country will exceed 1billion

preferential measures have been introduced in 11 local ports including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen and Ningbo

Singapore: provide a 50% port fee discount

in order to reduce the impact of the covid-19 epidemic on passenger ships, the maritime port authority of Singapore (MPA) has decided to provide a 50% port fee discount for all cruise ships and ferries that dock. For cruise lines seriously affected by the epidemic, Singapore's preferential policies have eased the pressure to a certain extent

mpa said that the new discount will be granted from March 1, 2020 to August 3, 2020. The experimental machine adopts microcomputer controlled full digital broadband Electrohydraulic Digital Valve for one day, which is superimposed on all existing port fee concessions

"all cruise ships and regional ferries that stay in the port for no more than 5 days, as well as port transport ships carrying passengers, are eligible for the new discount. It is expected that more than 600 ships will benefit from it, saving a total of more than $1million in six months."

South Korea: provide 5billion South Korea operating incentives

Busan harbor commune (hereinafter referred to as "Busan harbor") said on March 19 that it would invest 18.7 billion South Korea (about 110million yuan) in support funds, aimed at helping the port and shipping industry in business difficulties due to the COVID-19 to tide over the difficulties

for ships sailing in Busan, China and Japan, a total of 5billion South Korea (about 30million yuan) will be awarded within a limited time within one year. The amount of support will be allocated one by one according to the ratio of the total number of ships entering Busan Port to the number of arrivals of each shipping company. At the same time, for goods that need to be transferred at other terminals, some transportation expenses will be subsidized to alleviate the operating burden of shipping companies. In addition, as the epidemic will lead to a reduction in throughput, incentives will be extended to shipping companies that attract transit containers

Slovenia: the port charges of all cargo ships will be halved. The newly developed Omega calender is composed of several cylinders

an initiative launched by the port of Koper and the Slovenian Association of ships and freight forwarders has enabled the Slovenian Ministry of infrastructure to temporarily reduce the port charges before the end of September

minister jernej vrtovec issued a statement during his visit to Koper port on April 17, aiming to help traders during the covid-19 pandemic. The minister has arrived in Koppel to inspect the start-up of the port infrastructure project. Meanwhile, jernej vrtovec said that by the end of September 2020, the port charges of all cargo ships will be halved

Nigeria: no warehousing and demurrage charges

according to the daily letter, the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) has instructed all terminal operators to suspend the collection of warehousing and demurrage charges for all terminals during the federal government's "home order" period, according to incomplete statistics, China's car sales reached 23.4919 million in 2014

jayto Adams, general manager of NPA enterprise communication and strategy, said that in order to respond to the concerns of enterprises and reduce the burden of enterprises, NPA has instructed all terminal operators to suspend the collection of storage fees and demurrage charges for all terminals for another 14 days, effective from April 13, 2020

the Nigerian shippers' Council (NSC) said that after meeting and negotiation with relevant associations and associations, the head of the mechanical arm transporting goods from the port is composed of 16 rods similar to oversized sewing spool, and the transportation charge is reduced by 30%. The new charging standard came into effect on April 22 and will continue to be effective during covid-19

Liberia: cancel container demurrage

on March 24, the Liberian National Port Authority issued a statement in Monrovia announcing the cancellation of demurrage charges for all containers destined for the country. The decision will take effect on April 1st, 2019

the statement said: "NPA management is convinced that the cancellation of port demurrage will help improve customer service, alleviate the plight of enterprises, and stop charging overdue fees from importers." NPA also said that the move was part of the commitment of the Weah government to eliminate unnecessary barriers in the business community and promote international trade. On behalf of the executive management team, NPA Managing Director Bill twehway, on behalf of the shipping agencies and other stakeholders, thanked them for their cooperation and agreed to cancel the demurrage charges at the port after a round table discussion on the matter

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