The most favorable gathered PVC prices rose strong

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Favorable Yunji PVC prices rose strongly this week

review of upstream market

carbide prices in various regions in a week (unit: yuan/ton)


price type

23rd price

27th price

maximum rise and fall


delivery price



delivery price

as long as these factors are overcome, 0

North China <

delivery price


South China

delivery price


Central China

delivery price




East China

delivery price


this week, the domestic calcium carbide market still maintained the status quo, and the price continued to remain high without much change. At present, the overall operating rate of calcium carbide production enterprises is not high, and some manufacturers are even in the state of parking. The market supply is limited, and the market supply in some areas is even tense. Although calcium carbide production enterprises currently ship smoothly, it is still difficult to make profits. As of this Friday, the mainstream quotation of calcium carbide market remained between 3000-3300 yuan/ton. It is expected that the shortage of domestic calcium carbide supply will continue

II production enterprise devices

production devices of some manufacturers this week

manufacturer name

production devices

Yibin Tianyuan

an old device began maintenance on Monday, and it is planned to be repaired for 7 days. Another new device is in good production

the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of Shanghai chlor alkali

enterprises has continuously increased the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets for the precision of extruder products. The overhaul is planned for about 20 days in May, and the specific situation needs to be paid attention to

the operating load of Zhejiang Juhua

unit is not high. At present, a small number of type 2 units are produced by monomer for regular customer orders. There is not much inventory and no external quotation. The 180000 ton unit in Yibin Tianyuan

new area starts normally, and the 320000 ton unit in the old area stops this Monday for routine maintenance.

Xinxiang resin plant

unit is still in the shutdown state, and the specific time to resume the start-up has not been determined

The first production line of Henan Shenma

plant began to stop for maintenance on March 26. At present, the PVC sales of enterprises do not offer a quotation


production device entered the shutdown and overhaul stage on March 8, and the specific time for resumption of start-up has not been determined by the manufacturer.

Anlong Jinhong

device is still in the shutdown state, and the enterprise still has no clear plan to resume production in the near future

Tangshan Jidong

has stopped producing matting resin, and the PVC plant is currently in shutdown state, and the time to resume production is uncertain

Benxi chlor alkali

plant is still in shutdown state, and the enterprise has no plan to resume production in the near future

The production of Siping Haohua

device is in good condition, and the current daily output is about 400 tons

Jining Jinwei

the daily output of PVC is tons

three overall market reviews

at the beginning of this week, the market is generally stable, the mainstream price of calcium carbide process five types in all regions is about yuan/ton, which can be used to pack food, and the price of ethylene process is about yuan/ton. Due to the high cost of calcium carbide, PVC production enterprises, despite their poor benefits, However, it is difficult to reduce prices. Driven by the continuous rise of crude oil prices in the international market, the rise of external market prices and the sharp rise in the prices of other plastic raw materials, the domestic PVC market price has recovered again since Wednesday. The market price of calcium carbide method in East and South China has risen to yuan/ton, and the volume of equipment has been reduced by about 2/3 to yuan/ton by ethylene method. By this Friday, most areas of the market such as Shanghai, Changzhou, Qilu Chemical City, Guangzhou and so on had seen significant growth again, and the price of ordinary calcium carbide five type materials was basically 6300 yuan/ton

although the market price has an upward trend, the demand of downstream product enterprises is still relatively flat, but they also gradually understand the high cost of raw materials, and gradually change from high price resistance to cautious delivery on demand. However, in the short term, it is not possible for downstream enterprises to take a large number of goods. At present, it is still a wait-and-see running in period. Most traders are optimistic about the trend in the later stage. They also have the desire to raise market prices recently, but they are still cautious and adopt the operation mode of fast in and fast out. As of Friday, the overall atmosphere of the market is stable, and the number of low-cost sources has decreased

four external disk dynamics:

1 PVC import and export situation this week

PVC export market did not improve this week, and the stagnation is still continuing. It is reported that at present, the inquiries of overseas buyers are mostly to understand the domestic market, and there are few firm offers; In terms of import, Formosa Plastics and South Korea Hanhua have closed their plates. It is reported that the signing of orders in April was relatively smooth

2 According to the customs data, the export volume of China's PVC pure powder in February 2009 was 2867.8 tons, a decrease of 37.2% compared with January. In June, the export volume of China's PVC pure powder was 7433.3 tons, a decrease of 123413.0 tons from 130846.3 tons in the same period last year. In February 2009, China's PVC import volume was 194883.5 tons, an increase of 58.0% over January. The cumulative import volume of China's PVC pure powder in February was 318210.0 tons, a decrease of 479326.2 tons from 797536.2 tons in the same period last year

five trend forecast

a good message from the PVC market this week is that market participants have more confidence in the future market, which can be said to be the first time that market participants have had a good psychological performance since the opening of the market in 2009. The reason why we have good confidence is mainly because the factors that have benefited the market in the near future are relatively concentrated

positive factors:

1 the price of raw material calcium carbide remained stable, and the tight supply situation eased slightly

2 the effect of PVC production enterprises' production reduction is gradually apparent, and the market supply is reduced. In addition, Qilu Petrochemical will overhaul for one month next month, and Shanghai chlor alkali also plans to overhaul in May, which will reduce the market supply in the later stage

3 there is a certain deal for the imported goods that arrived in recent April, and the cost price is basically the same as the current market price

5 driven by the rebound in crude oil prices and the sharp rise in the prices of other plastic raw materials, PVC market prices have recovered

6 this year, the state will increase its support for affordable housing projects, which will play a huge role in driving China's PVC products industry. With the gradual appearance of the effect of economic stimulus measures such as export tax rebate and the increase of downstream demand, the PVC products industry will still have a lot of room for growth

although there are many positive factors, from the perspective of the current acceptability of downstream product enterprises, their ability to absorb price increases is relatively weak, and a sharp rise in prices is bound to face greater resistance. Therefore, it is expected that the short-term market is still dominated by consolidation, and there is an opportunity for prices to rise in the future

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