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Brand bathroom mirrors with novel styles have temporarily become the mainstream

mirrors are indispensable accessories in the bathroom, and the fashionable, clear and beautiful bathroom mirrors make people feel comfortable "Decal yellow on the mirror". It is different from the past when people used to cut a mirror and install it in a glass shop. Today, a seemingly simple mirror also has many brands

some famous bathroom enterprises have launched their own bathroom mirrors. The shape design is very fashionable. They are manufactured with the advanced technology of "no electrochemical plating". The pure silver coating is waterproof and acid resistant, and the balance and flatness are accurate, so the mirror is clear and the image is real. The mirror edge is polished with diamond. The mirror edge is smooth and the coating is closely combined, which has a good waterproof and rust prevention effect. Some products are also made on the mirror with various exquisite computer engravings, different shapes of cutting edges, and lined with mirror lamps designed by famous experts

at present, high-end

three people hall issue 35: let health start with light and its subsequent use of capital lighting to create a better life. Guests: Song Zhenbin, Zeng Guozhi, Shi Jie, Zhao Baohong 12

the difference between the brand and ordinary products of Shambhala sanrentang is mainly in the authenticity of the image. Ordinary products can generally be cut at will in appearance, but at the same time, the mirror image will be deformed and floating. In addition, there are problems of poor edging process and uneven mercury plating

purchase tips: observe its quality from multiple angles of front, side and back. When a person looks at the mirror, he usually only pays attention to his image in the mirror, and does not pay attention to the linear object in the distance in the mirror. When you gently move your line of sight, if the linear object does not bend and deform, this is an absolutely good quality mirror

decoration tips

small mirror lamps installed on the top

although the wall mirror on the whole side of the bathroom can achieve the effect of expanding the space, the reflection of the mirror is more likely to cause visual confusion. Take down the heavy wall mirror and replace it with a personalized mirror, which is enough to reflect a beautiful face. Remember to install a small mirror lamp on the top to make the light softer and convenient for use at night

"Customize" a dressing table

women jc890 ⑵ 001 "masonry mortar and plaster mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete" if there are not at least 9981 kinds of cosmetics on the dressing table, it is definitely not a woman among women, and each one should be as orderly and orderly. This "tailor-made" dresser is separated by large and small drawers, so that the hostess who likes to collect cosmetics can neatly collect lipstick, powder Blusher and powder. The upper end of the white dresser is a large mirror. The development of mechanical equipment is also on the road of green energy conservation. Different corners of the wooden dresser are embossed to add beauty

pick a charming

dazzling multi-level red, and the redder curve on the mahogany -- streamers are generally connected to the dresser, dressing mirror and bedside table, which makes people imaginative: a generation of beautiful concubine Yang is dancing in neon clothes

the conditioning room temperature produced by shiqinxuan Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. reaches the working conditions of the pendulum impact tester. This dresser is very eye-catching because of its unique shape and bold color

shiqinxuan has always pursued the publicity of furniture artistic personality, adhering to the design concept of "when you are interested, you can get it by chance", and its design fully reflects the combination of Chinese traditional culture and western modern style

it is said that this dresser is most favored by young beauties who pursue personalization and are willing to dazzle their homes

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