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Ethylene glycol: the favorable policies may be released centrally, but the medium and long-term pressure has not been completely lifted.

the conservative New Democratic Party of Greece won by a narrow margin in Sunday's election. The party will seek to unite with other political parties to form a coalition government that supports the austerity measures shown in the results, and will quickly take measures to achieve the strict fiscal austerity goals set by international creditors. The Conservative victory indicates that the possibility of Greece's "exit" from the eurozone in the short term has been sharply reduced

the easing of the Greek problem has injected a powerful shot in the arm into the commodity market, and most domestic futures varieties have turned red today. PTA, a polyester related product, opened significantly higher, leading to an earnings per share of 0.20 yuan, and the market offer of glycol increased to 6650 yuan/ton, with individual high offers of 6700 yuan/ton. On the macro level, it is expected that there is a great possibility of concentrated positive stimulus news in the near future, which is conducive to driving the upward trend of the commodity market. Ethylene glycol has the possibility of continuous rebound in the near future

but "Rome wasn't built in a day". Although the determination of global market rescue has become increasingly obvious recently, the extreme cold in the early market can't be achieved overnight if you want to completely improve. At present, the terminal demand is still very weak, and the weakness in fundamentals cannot be completely changed in the short term. The polyester market is weak as a whole, and the market mentality is more subtle. Today, the high opening and low opening of PTA futures of related products are also supported by the inspection of precipitates and grain size in the alloy before and after heat treatment by optical microscope. Therefore, zhuochuang believes that the medium and long-term pressure in the market has not been completely relieved, and the market entry operation should not be overly optimistic

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