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Fashionable and beautiful glass decoration, be careful to ensure safety

in recent years, the coloratures of glass products have been renovated: glass doors, glass walls, glass partitions and so on are increasingly emerging in home decoration life. Glass is beautiful, but it is fragile. Before choosing it, I suggest you to know more about the precautions of glass products. It is beautiful and safe. Such home decoration is perfect

try to choose tempered glass

the author visited a circle of markets. At present, most glass manufacturers say that except for a few varieties, most of the glass can be processed into tempered glass according to the requirements of customers. The strength, tensile strength and impact resistance of tempered glass are several times that of flat glass, which greatly improves the safety of tempered glass itself; More importantly, such as the often adopted conditional yield strength σ 0.3 is the stress at the time of producing 0.2% residual strain (Fig. 1b). Even if the tempered glass breaks, it will become granular without sharp edges and corners, so the degree of personal injury will be greatly reduced. Because the function of tempered glass itself makes it difficult to cut, most tempered glass should be customized according to the specifications actually used by consumers, and it is difficult to buy the finished products of tempered glass directly in the market. Sun Peidu, technical director of the light boat decoration company, said that for the sake of the mass entrepreneurship and innovation complex jointly established by the safety and Zibo Municipal government, if it is necessary to install glass doors, glass porches, glass partitions and other places vulnerable to external forces in home decoration, it is recommended to use tempered glass as much as possible

tempered glass also has weaknesses, its four corners are fragile. If you buy tempered glass and plan to pick it up by yourself, you have to pay attention to it. You must carry and place it vertically in the process of handling. Although the tempered glass itself is very strong and will not be affected by general external forces, because of its special firing environment, once its edges and corners encounter strong external forces, the whole glass will instantly fall apart and scatter on the ground. In addition, the self explosion rate of tempered glass itself is one thousandth, so you'd better be prepared for it. Glass decoration needs to be more careful

although there are many glass products, if glass is used as decoration, corresponding matters should also be paid attention to in selection and installation. For example, some families like to decorate the wall with glass, which can not only improve the brightness of the space, but also be very environmentally friendly. Experts said that the wall that needs to be pasted with glass must be a solid wall that can bear a certain weight, otherwise it will easily lead to wall deformation and glass breakage. If there are no special requirements, the glass pasted on the solid wall does not need to be used. The customer does not need to worry about the quality and after-sales of tempered glass at the time of purchase

the glass used for ceiling should not be too thick, which is generally controlled at 5 to 8 cm. At the same time, the glass used in the ceiling must not be too large. Generally, the ceiling will be divided into grids during decoration, and the glass will be inlaid to achieve the decorative effect

accurate installation ensures safety

glass is fragile, so it is important to adopt accurate installation methods. Experts said that the inlay groove method is the safest and most commonly used method for glass installation and fixation. The inlay groove should ensure that there is a certain amount of overlap between the glass and the wall, and there should be a certain gap between the glass and the bottom of the groove, so as to embed rubber strips or inject glue to fix the glass, which is conducive to the expansion of the glass and alleviate the extrusion of other objects on the glass

at the same time, pay special attention to the stress points when installing the glass. If the stress is uneven, the glass will easily crack or explode. In this regard, on the one hand, consumers should first choose high-quality products, which can be personally installed by manufacturers; On the other hand, you can choose tempered glass or wired glass, so that even if the glass bursts due to uneven stress, it will not be harmful to the human body

avoid wiping stains with thinner

because the surface of the glass is smooth and hard, daily cleaning is not difficult. Generally, it is OK to clean it normally with a wet cloth or purified water. If there are stains on the glass that are difficult to remove, it can also be removed with daily detergent. For the kitchen, which is a "smoke heavy place", it is necessary to install the glass with the smooth side facing the kitchen and the engraved side facing the outside of the kitchen, so as not to bring frustration to the cleaning

if you have children in your family, I suggest you take more care. Be careful that children use hard metal and other objects to scratch the glass with painted or baked paint on the surface. The surface quenching hardness is hrc58 (6) 2. First, it is for safety, and second, it is to avoid damaging the glass and affecting the decorative effect. Even if there are stains on the glass that are difficult to remove, do not wipe it with thinner to avoid scraping off the surface pattern

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