The hottest new product x210x7x7c appears in Ameri

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The new product x210/x7/x7c was introduced to itexpo (January 1, 2019) in the United States, marking its 20th anniversary in Fort Lauderdale. The scale of this exhibition is unprecedented. There are more than 160 sponsors and exhibitors participating in the exhibition, attracting more than 6000 customers from all over the world, especially in the Americas

as one of the major players in the communication industry, azimuth Communication Co., Ltd. once again appeared in a large booth of 36 square meters. With the help of this exhibition, azimuthal and our agents officially released the latest and most powerful functional configurations such as high-end X series new business phones x210, X7 and x7c with each part having its own role. This series of new products supports 20 SIP accounts, colorful screens, 10 enable the rigid solenoid directional valve 1 to contact the 0+dss button with the swimming weight in the energized state, and built-in Bluetooth. With the shining external light and powerful functions, our new phone has attracted many customers to stop and negotiate. More customers immediately decide to test samples or even place batch trial orders

at the exhibition, we received more than 200 customers from all over the world. After in-depth conversation and discussion, more partners and potential customers are planning to cooperate in 2019 or even longer term. We are full of expectations for each other's future and the development of the American market, which has brought the exhibition to a successful conclusion

the orientation is advancing with great strides. We have multi-functional innovative products, competitive prices and excellent services, which will enable us to continue to stand in an invincible position in which the original service provider continues to provide standardized products to its customers in the form of products. Thanks to the itexpo platform and our partners, we will continue to work to improve communication quality and service, so that more and more customers will love our communication products

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