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Prediction and analysis of corrugated box production market the corrugated box packaging industry has gone through more than 20 years in China. Especially in recent years, the corrugated box packaging industry has made considerable progress. From single transportation packaging to functional packaging, sales packaging and display packaging. From the single machine production period of China's corrugated box industry from the 1970s to the 1980s, the corrugated box single-sided machine production period in the 1990s has developed to the automatic production period of production line connection, that is, corrugated box preprint. Both in terms of output and quality, it has reached an unprecedented development speed. This shows that China's corrugated box packaging industry has basically realized the industrial specialization

development means that opportunities and challenges coexist. Behind the rapid development, we feel that the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the requirements for quality and service are becoming higher and higher. Although the practice is more and more refined, the unit profit is still declining. Facing such a severe test, everyone is thinking about how to reduce the production cost as much as possible, improve the production quality and efficiency of corrugated boxes and recover the investment cost as soon as possible. This may sound contradictory, but after careful analysis, it is not. In China, due to the large regional differences, the relative surplus of labor force and the diversified market demand, there is still much room for the development of China's small and medium-sized corrugated box packaging enterprises in the next 10-15 years. As long as these enterprises correctly locate the investment direction and product production direction, the above difficulties can be completely avoided. Here is a new corrugated box production process: corrugated box preprint. The paper gravure pre printing machine produced by Xi'an Qinhua company is taken as an example. Because the imported equipment is expensive, it may be difficult for domestic small and medium-sized corrugated box manufacturers to accept it

Xi'an Qinhua Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of printing and packaging machinery. In recent years, with the changes in China's packaging market, this enterprise has continuously developed packaging equipment suitable for China's national conditions. For example, the first domestic eight color 800mm wide paper gravure printing machine was successfully developed in Xi'an Qinhua company and sold to Guangdong. The technology of the imported equipment is the same as that of the imported equipment in Guangdong, which is highly praised by users and people in the industry. After analyzing the current situation of corrugated box manufacturing enterprises in China, the company has also developed paper gravure preprinting machines suitable for the development of small and medium-sized corrugated box manufacturing enterprises in China, including qhzh-61650 gravure preprinting machine, qhzh-31500 paper gravure printing machine and qhz-6950 playing card printing machine, which have created good economic benefits for users, It is proved that the use of domestic equipment by small and medium-sized corrugated box manufacturers in China is a good strategy to solve the current dilemma

pre printing process of corrugated boxes

the so-called intaglio pre printing production of corrugated boxes refers to the use of large-scale unit type intaglio printing machine to print carton patterns on the web paper, which is still harvested into the web shape after printing, and then the printed web paper is used as the corrugated paper production line on the surface paper of the carton to make the corrugated box board, and then the die-cutting machine is used to cut into the shape of the carton. Let's talk about the advantages of pre printing corrugated boxes with the paper concave pre printing machine produced by Qinhua company

the speed of gravure prepress is usually much higher than that of other printing methods (basically, the domestic equipment is 120m/min ~ 200m/min. in fact, the speed should be determined according to the change of the actual production situation. It can be matched with many corrugated paper production lines in China, and then the printed web paper is directly put into the corrugated paper production line to compound with the corrugated paper, which not only shortens the production process of the traditional production of carton board, but also reduces the labor cost and raw material consumption, and improves the production efficiency). The vertical and horizontal overprint accuracy of the concave prepress is less than ± 0 2mm, the number of printing lines is up to 300, and the maximum inking amount is 6 5g/m2. After printing, each color group unit is equipped with a drying device to fully dry, so it is easy to get a full, soft, bright and firm carton surface. The plate roller used in the paper concave prepress machine is steel chrome plated electro engraving plate, which can resist printing for up to 4million times, which can reduce the number of changes and save raw materials. It is very suitable for the production of large quantities of long plates, and can ensure that the pattern and color of prints are highly consistent. The corrugated boxes produced by intaglio pre printing are completed on the corrugated paper machine production line. The prices in some regions of the pig iron market have fallen again, so there is a certain heating and forming time in the manufacturing of corrugated paper. The final corrugated paper can not meet the requirements of UL standards. The boxes are not only high in strength, but also flat and solid. At the same time, it can avoid the phenomenon of stiffened and warped carton plates caused by uneven gluing during the production of the veneer machine. The inks used in gravure preprint are mainly alcohol soluble inks or special inks for water-based paper. The pre printed roll carton face paper shall be glued, compounded, flattened and dried on the corrugated production line, so the ink requirements are relatively strict, otherwise, the patterns and patterns on the carton face paper will be scratched or dragged. In view of these, Qinhua company and ink manufacturers developed and produced special ink for paper concave pre printing, and its price is basically the same as that of ordinary ink

the concave prepress machine is usually divided into five stations: unwinding section, paper pretreatment system, printing section, drying section and winding section. In terms of its matching with the corrugated paper production line, the model of prepress can be divided into: 1300, 1650, 1800, 2000, 2200 and 2500. The printing color number is 5 ~ 8 colors (it can be increased or decreased or coated). At present, the speed of domestic gravure pre printing equipment is 120 ~ 200m/min. the printing paper generally adopts 120 ~ 350g/m2 roll coated copper paper, coated white board paper and coated kraft linerboard. The overprint accuracy is ± 0 2mm。 Here, take the qhzh-61650 paper gravure prepress produced by Xi'an Qinhua company as an example to talk about the devices and working conditions of each station of the gravure prepress

the first is a complete unwinding and rewinding system. As we all know, the complete unwinding and rewinding system of pre printing equipment is an important link to improve work efficiency and save raw materials. The roll change system of the 61650 bulk printer produced by Qinhua company is a high-speed automatic lap head type roll change. The complete work of the whole equipment unwinding system includes coil loading support and shaftless automatic clamping, automatic turnover positioning, pre speed synchronous drive for coil diameter detection, belt position detection and indenter cutting, floating roller positioning system and traction, etc. Its features are that the paper roll is loaded and unloaded by the ground elevator, the reel is centered and clamped hydraulically without shaft, and the turning pre drive and joint cutting are automatically completed according to the set program. The waste generated by the butt joint system is very small and negligible. The smooth butt joint has little impact on each printing process. Under the condition of high-speed printing without decreasing speed, the joint unloading and changing coil only produces very little waste. The closed-loop control system for floating roll detection can stabilize, balance and compensate the tension fluctuation and impact caused by winding in, winding out and changing. The retraction and unwinding traction prevents and blocks the tension fluctuation of retraction and unwinding in the whole refuelling joint, and does not affect the printing. The digital vector control system is adopted for the traction drive of winding and unwinding, and the complete closed-loop control is carried out through PLC and man-machine interface to make the winding work under constant tension and the winding work under taper tension

the paper pretreatment system for gravure pre printing is a process usually set up by the paper gravure pre printing machine. It generally includes three purposes: first, to control the moisture content of the paper in the printing state (the moisture content is 5 ~ 7%), so that the paper will remain unchanged or slightly change in the subsequent printing process states, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate printing and overprint. The second is to remove the dust and foreign matters on the paper surface, so that the paper surface is clean, so that there is no exposure and blocking of the printing plate in the subsequent printing process. The third is to improve the affinity between the paper surface and the ink in the printing state, so that the ink on the paper is full and firm in the printing

when the paper is pretreated by the concave prepress machine, two methods are usually used to control the moisture content of the paper: hot air hood heating or hot cylinder heating control on the front and back sides of the paper. The former has high process efficiency, but has a slight impact on the micro gloss of the paper. The latter has low process efficiency, but can better maintain the micro gloss of the paper. The paper dust removal process usually adopts the method of soft brush dust brushing or negative pressure dust collection. For the paper, the parameters set in the pretreatment process of the paper are also different, depending on the specific situation, if the paper of the same quality has different thickness, gram weight or the same gram weight or thickness of the paper of different texture, and the same product has different manufacturers

paper concave preprint printing department: it is the core station of the whole equipment. The printing department usually includes an embossing roller system, a transmission box system, a plate support adjustment system, an ink supply system, a scraper system and a plate overprint compensation system. Taking Qinhua qhz paper prepress machine H - 61650 as an example to avoid unsafe accidents, its impression roller system is composed of impression rubber roller, back pressure steel roller, linear sliding guide rail and return self-locking pneumatic system, which can well ensure the good transfer of ink printing state, the uniform and stable balance of pressure on the impression pressure line, the flexible and accurate lifting of impression roller and the self-locking of the impression roller when it is stopped. The transmission case and printing support adjustment system of the concave prepress include: a shaft supported plate clamping transmission system, a shaft less plate clamping support transmission system and a plate roller removal trolley type support plate clamping system. No matter what kind of support transmission form, it has the functions of unifying the initial version and pre aligning the initial version. The transmission box has high precision, low noise and long durability. The ink supply system adopts a semi closed ink-jet supply mode. There is a certain pressure when the plate roller receives ink. During high-speed printing, each hole on the plate can obtain sufficient ink, so as to achieve the effect of full color of the printed product. The scraper system adopts fixed and mobile structures, and the scraper blade is made of high-quality and high elastic steel. The scraper pressure adopts an adjustable pneumatic floating pressurization device. The scraper can be adjusted in three dimensions according to the working speed of the host, with a large adjustment range; It can be adjusted into angle scraping or elevation scraping. Computer overprint, the compensation system can remember and repeat the parameters of previous work, and can reduce the waste produced by the initial overprint of the same product

The drying section of the concave prepress consists of a hot air drying system, an exhaust gas system and a cooling system. Among them, there are three types of hot air: electric energy conversion hot air, steam conversion hot air and hot oil heating conversion hot air. Users can choose according to their specific conditions. The hot air hoods designed by Qinhua company include: shape sealing type, exhaust gas suction negative pressure type, hot air nozzle type, return air orifice plate type, working pneumatic opening and closing type, energy-saving secondary return air type, paper hot air eddy motion type and large air volume low temperature drying type. Their structures are designed according to the pneumatic characteristics, and their performance meets the requirements of international high-end equipment drying system. Users can choose according to the type of ink used in production, the set mechanical speed, the type of paper used, etc. The cooling system is mainly used to ensure that the printed paper does not return to moisture and to control the moisture content of the printed paper during winding, so as to avoid the printing and printing stuck together. The cooling system is generally a dual cooling mode, that is, the air cooling section and the water cooling roller effectively cool the printing materials

the winding part of the paper concave prepress: Qinhua company adopts an independent electric double arm observation station rotating frame structure with automatic rotating positioning control; Closed loop automatic tension control system is adopted for tension; The double winding shaft adopts the non pneumatic cone top mode; It can change the roll at high speed without stopping the machine

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