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The new power generation policy in Japan has stimulated many enterprises to enter the power generation industry. In order to adapt to the application for foam granulator in the new era, Japanese enterprises are competing to carry out power generation business. Many listed enterprises even modify the articles of association through the shareholders' meeting that speed is the movement speed of objects. About 40 cross industry enterprises, including convenience store chain Rosen and Kinki Nippon railway, will increase their power generation related businesses to the business scope specified in the articles of association. In July this year, Japan will begin to implement the system that power companies will purchase all the power generated by renewable energy such as solar energy at a fixed price. Therefore, enterprises in other industries not directly related to power generation are also rushing into this field

among them, the most eye-catching enterprises are those that modify the articles of Association for the construction of large-scale solar photovoltaic power stations. Kyocera has cooperated with IHI and other companies to build a large-scale photovoltaic power station with a power generation capacity of 70000kw in Kagoshima, Japan, as soon as July. The total investment is about 25billion yen, and about 290000 solar panels are planned to be laid

in addition, Kinki Nippon railway has also started to set foot in the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power stations. The company will build a power station with a power generation capacity of 20000 kilowatts on the vacant land along the line of Mitsuyo Prefecture in Japan as soon as 2013. As a new business with the most potential, near rail has been conducting feasibility studies on commercial operation

Mitsui chemical also shows interest in wind power generation. The company plans to build three wind power generation facilities on its own land in tagara City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, each with a power generation capacity of 2000 kW. In addition, 50000 kW large-scale photovoltaic power stations will be built, with a total investment expected to reach 18billion yen

some enterprises began to use their own shops and houses to participate in the power generation business. Rosen plans to set up photovoltaic power generation systems in 1000 stores by February next year. In addition to being used for shop lighting, cold storage and air conditioning, it is also considered to be sold to local power companies. Sanze housing company will install solar panels on the roofs of completed villas and apartments, and is also considering selling electricity to power companies. Sparxgroup, an independent asset management company, is optimistic about the investment value of renewable energy and modifies its articles of association. At the request of institutional investors, it will consider establishing a power generation fund specifically for renewable energy

with regard to the full purchase system of renewable energy, the expert committee of the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan tentatively determined the power purchase price in late April. Photovoltaic power generation is 42 yen per kilowatt (about 3.35 yuan), and wind power generation is 23.1 ~ 57.75 yen per kilowatt. At present, the expert committee is soliciting opinions from all parties and is ready to make a final decision after considering the opinions of all parties

if the full volume purchase system is fully implemented in July, the power generated by five renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind power will be purchased by power companies according to the pricing. As the purchase price is not clear so far, and whether the power sales are profitable has yet to be verified, there are many wait-and-see enterprises investing in power generation. Under the

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