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New plastics help cars easily cope with various challenges

by using Rhodia TECHNYL engineering plastics, Trelleborg patented integrated pedals can improve the safety of drivers and passengers in case of accidental impact

energy saving, emission reduction and safety improvement are the eternal themes and goals for the development of automobiles and their applied materials (such as plastics). These goals also promote the good interaction between major material developers and automobile enterprises, and develop more and more new plastic materials to meet people's needs for environmental protection, lightweight, even beauty and personalization of automobiles

meeting safety challenges

safety is one of the most basic and important elements of vehicle performance. Rhodia has made outstanding contributions to the pedal and adjustable pedal module of Trelleborg's new Citroen C5 by taking advantage of the fact that TEC's demand growth in the carton board industry has generally remained at about 2 ~ 3% in the past three years

technyl's application of plastic deformation increases the accuracy of the experiment from large to small. It helps Trelleborg develop a very light pedal element that integrates pedal and bracket. Compared with metal, the weight is reduced by 50%, while maintaining the hardness of the whole module. More importantly, by using TECHNYL, Trelleborg's patented integrated pedal can improve the safety of drivers and passengers in case of accidental impact

improving road safety is also one of the important fields in which engineering plastics play a role. BASF has developed crash performance integrated simulation software for the design of plastic components related to crash and safety. The pedestrian impact bar (LBS) is an example of an integrated analog design component. LBS is the first polyamide part that is completely developed based on BASF integrated simulation technology from the beginning to the end of absolute quality assurance, meets the collision requirements, and has been put into mass production. In China, Shanghai General Motors has recently taken the lead in applying this component to the new Regal

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