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New product launch - Huasha constant color full effect tile paving solution, let the family last forever

new product launch - Huasha constant color full effect tile paving solution, let the family last forever

May 13, 2021, Personally select all kinds of furniture main materials, especially ceramic tiles: all care about color, shape and type. As everyone knows, the system auxiliary materials used for tile paving are also key. Today, we will introduce the latest constant color full effect tile paving solution launched by Huasha brand to solve various problems encountered in tile paving

Huasha hengcai full effect ceramic tile paving solution is a preferred paving solution specially designed to meet the rapid installation, safety, firmness and durability of ceramic tiles and stones. It has complete supporting products, good matching of materials between layers of various structures, strong adhesion and good universality, and can form a multi-layer water blocking coating to reduce the risk of system penetration

system product

the scheme includes three products: ta-s102 full effect ceramic tile adhesive, ta-s400 single component back adhesive and tf-g100 constant color sewing agent. Each product complements and matches with each other, and the strength is combined

system advantages

01 good matching, wide applicability, safety and stability

the scheme has complete supporting products, good matching of materials between various structural layers, strong binding force and good universality. Ta-s102 full effect ceramic tile glue is applicable to both the wall and the ground. The back glue is used with ceramic tile glue to increase the paving strength. The constant color beauty joint agent fills the ceramic tile gap. The color is bright and the bonding force is strong

02 systematic waterproofing to reduce leakage

this scheme can make the ceramic tiles firmly fixed on the wall and ground of the kitchen and bathroom, and the gaps between the ceramic tiles are filled without leakage. With your carefully selected low water absorption ceramic tiles, the combination has become the "first barrier" of the kitchen and bathroom waterproofing system. With the protection of this layer of ceramic tile waterproof shell, the service life of waterproof materials can be extended

03 convenient application and construction

the simple and convenient use mode can ensure the construction progress and the current domestic market scope of metal data testing machine. Due to the role of the market economic system and the rapid development of modern industrial technology, the constant color full effect paving scheme has been taken into account from the beginning of design in selecting such equipment in combination with their own material characteristics that need to be tested. The full effect tile adhesive is smooth and easy to knead, and the workers can operate quickly without empty drum. Compared with traditional two-component products, one component adhesive can be applied without stirring, and the operation speed has been significantly improved. The constant color sewing agent and the special glue gun can apply the glue smoothly and evenly, and the master can't stop at all

Huasha constant color full-effect tile paving 2. The machine is a high-precision instrument solution to ensure that there is no worry about the paving of home decoration tiles and make your home old and new. Pick it up quickly

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