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After the new house comes down, most owners will choose to decorate their new house. When it comes to new house decoration, many owners who decorate for the first time will be very confused and feel unable to start, so how to decorate the new house? Here is the most complete process of home decoration, from decoration to occupancy. I hope I can help you

1. Preliminary design: it is mainly designed according to your own living habits, and a detailed measurement of your room is carried out. Don't be lazy, you'd better measure it yourself. The measurement mainly includes: clarifying the area involved in the decoration process. In particular, the tiling area, wall paint area and floor area; Specify the main wall dimensions. Especially in the future, we need to design the wall size of furniture

2. Main body demolition and reconstruction: in the construction stage, the main body demolition and reconstruction is the first project, mainly including wall demolition, wall building, wall peeling, heating demolition, plastic steel window replacement, etc. To put it bluntly, the main demolition is to put up the framework of the construction site first

3. Hydropower Transformation: before the transformation of water circuit, the demolition and transformation of the main structure should be basically completed. Some students may know that the first measurement of cabinets should also be carried out between the two links of hydropower transformation and main body demolition and reconstruction. In fact, the first measurement of the so-called cabinet has no actual content, because the wall and ground have not been treated, the cabinet designer cannot give specific design dimensions, but just put forward some relevant suggestions on the location of the water inlet and lampblack socket reserved by the developer

4. Carpenter: carpenter, bricklayer and oiler are the three brothers in the construction link. The basic order of appearance is: shingle oil. The basic appearance principle is &mdash& mdash; Whoever is dirty will go first. Who is dirty first is also one of the basic principles that determine the order of home decoration. In fact, carpentry such as wrapping risers, making decorative ceilings, and plastering lines can also be considered as a detail of the main body demolition and reconstruction. It does not conflict with the water circuit reconstruction itself, and sometimes it needs some cooperation

5. Mud tile: the process of Bricklayer's second job also involves the installation of the following three links: the installation of the door stone and the marble windowsill. The installation of the door stone can be completed together with the floor tile laying, or after the floor tile laying, the most professional station. The marble windowsill is generally installed after the window cover is completed. The marble installer will prepare glass glue and conveniently seal the marble and window cover with glass glue. Installation of floor drain. Floor drain is the first to appear in home decoration hardware, because it should be installed together with floor tiles

6. Oilman: the third oilman enters the site and mainly completes the treatment of wall base, painting of finish paint, painting of woodworking furniture, etc. As for whether to keep the last coat of paint, I don't think it's necessary to be too serious. The significance of keeping the last coat of paint is not great, because the subsequent operations are no dirtier than painting

7. Kitchen and bathroom ceiling: as the leader of the installation process, kitchen and bathroom ceiling is still continuing the packaging of the home. At the same time as the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom, the damp proof ceiling lamp and exhaust fan (Yuba) of kitchen and bathroom should have been bought. It is best to install the ceiling lamp and exhaust fan (Yuba) in the kitchen and bathroom at the same time, or leave thread ends and openings

8. Cabinet installation: after the ceiling is finished, you can ask the cabinet to be installed on the door. At the same time, there are water tanks (excluding plumbing parts) and gas stoves installed. It is best to coordinate with the property to connect the gas before the installation of cabinets, because the gas stoves need to be tested after installation





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