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"Xiao Fang, who came to Shanghai to work, was accidentally electrocuted and died while taking a bath in the rental room..." Just got the news, Xiaobian was shocked. When did this happen? Think about it carefully. What was the reason? Xiaobian guessed that there was a problem with the water heater. Now Xiaobian will popularize the purchase of water heaters

“ Xiao Fang, who came to Shanghai to work, was accidentally electrocuted and died while taking a bath in the rental room& rdquo; News like this is not uncommon. What is the reason? One of the important things is the water heater. If the water heater is not selected properly, there are great potential safety hazards. The following is a short series to popularize the purchase of water heaters! Types of gas sources to be considered before purchase: when choosing water heaters, different types of gas often choose different water heaters. You should first find out whether your home is natural gas, liquefied gas or artificial gas. Although the country has started the natural gas transformation, and there may be no such problem in the future, there are still some residential areas that have not been transformed, so we still need to pay attention. Liter selection: when choosing, don't just get stuck in the range. It's best to slightly increase the capacity of 1-2 liters, taking into account the frequent use of hot water in winter, otherwise there will be hidden dangers of being stretched. Generally speaking, a family of three with a bathroom can choose 10-11 liters; A family of five with two bathrooms can choose 13-16 liters

installation requirements: when installing the water heater, it needs to be installed in the kitchen or balcony. If you want to put it into the cabinet for beauty, you must also make the door panel of the cabinet into a shutter and keep it ventilated. Of course, it is best to install it naked. In addition, the positions of chimneys and exhaust pipes must be reserved in advance, otherwise the later installation will be troublesome and even require additional charges. If it must be installed in the bathroom, remember to only use the forced balance water heater. The functions that should be paid attention to when choosing a water heater are slightly different according to the different bathing methods: 1 People who like shower: we should first consider precise temperature control and instant heating function. The precise temperature control function can avoid sudden cold and hot showers. A good water heater can be accurately controlled in ± by microcomputer; Within 1 ℃, this is no longer the temperature difference that the human body can directly sense. The instant heating function can realize that the water heater can turn on to produce hot water, and there is no need to strip off in cold weather. You have to wait for hot water in the bathroom. 2. People who like bathing: they should first refer to the thermal efficiency index. Among them, the thermal efficiency can greatly save the use cost. For example, the water heater with condensing function can achieve secondary heating by condensing the flue gas. A good condensing water heater can save 23% energy, that is to say, the average family can save 203 yuan of gas costs every year. The most neglected function is water cut-off temperature rise: when the water heater is turned on within 5 minutes after it is turned off, there is usually a section of hot water higher than the set temperature. This temperature difference is the water cut-off temperature rise. This section of hot water in ordinary water heaters is often easy to scald the skin, and a good water heater can reduce this temperature difference to 1 ℃, which is almost negligible. Minimum hot water production rate: people who like to take a bath in hot water to eliminate fatigue in summer sometimes feel that the water temperature is a little too high, and it is easy to shut down when it is turned down. This is because the minimum hot water production rate is too high. A good water heater can reduce the minimum hot water production rate to 1.6 L/min, so that you won't feel the temperature too hot when you take a bath





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