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Mr. Zhang, the owner of poly Xinyu, recently reported that his new house was decorated with a decoration company for soft decoration design and made decoration effect drawings. At that time, he was very satisfied, so he handed over his new house to this decoration company for decoration, but after the house was decorated, it was very different from the effect drawings, and the lighting and wallpaper were not the same style and style as the effect drawings. Mr. Zhang is very disappointed about this. The Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network is also here to remind all owners that the decoration effect drawings cannot be fully believed

decoration effect "wrong goods"

it is understood that it is not uncommon for citizens to encounter Mr. Zhang. In the actual decoration process, people like Mr. Zhang often encounter "wrong goods", and even finally terminate the decoration contract. So how should Wuhan owners deal with it? Mr. Li, the No. 1 home furnishing designer, said that at the stage of decoration preparation, most of the current designers will draw the effect drawing of house decoration. The effect drawing shall meet the construction requirements, and the corresponding construction drawings, including plan, elevation, section and node drawings, shall be prepared, and the proportion shall be consistent with the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, the actual effect after decoration should be similar to the original design drawing

Mr. Li reminded consumers not to trust the renderings. Because the authenticity and operability of these drawings need to be tested by the actual construction

designers love to attract owners with processed renderings

it is reported that at present, in order to attract consumers to place an order for decoration, some home decoration usually exaggerates the decoration effect with exquisite online design drawing effects, and the product types and settings on these design drawings are not necessarily products on the market; Most of the lights and tones shown on the renderings are repeatedly modified by designers using professional computer software, which is often far from the actual effect under natural conditions. At present, this phenomenon is a reflection of the less standardized home decoration market

insiders remind consumers that major home decoration companies have their own designer teams. Some home decoration companies also use the ideal renderings repeatedly modified by designers using professional computer software to attract more customers. The design renderings on the market can only be used as a reference, and the reliability is about 60%. Owners should not be too superstitious about renderings

the owner should pay more attention to signing before construction

if you are worried that the decorated house is inconsistent with the effect drawing, you should sign and confirm the decoration effect drawing before construction. If both parties change the project on the basis of the original drawings, the decoration designer must first draw the changed construction drawings, and then continue the construction after both parties sign for confirmation, so as to avoid disputes

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