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Life should not be arranged too full, and the space should not be designed too crowded. No matter what you do, leave some space for yourself so that you can turn around calmly

life should not be arranged too full, and the space should not be designed too crowded

no matter what you do, you should leave some space for yourself so that you can turn around calmly


recently met a friend who just came back from Hong Kong and talked a lot with each other. When asked about his impression of Hong Kong, the friend said most was not shopping or scenery, but the house: "I'm really not used to living, because the house is really narrow and small, and it feels crowded everywhere" "In recent years, I have been renting a house. I have moved it four or five times. More and more things have been moved, and the rent has become more and more expensive. However, the house has become smaller and smaller, and I feel that there is no room to breathe! Unless you are rich, how can you afford a big house?"

I've seen many TVB dramas. Even if I haven't been to Hong Kong, I know that there is an inch of land and an inch of money in Hong Kong. Many people live in a narrow space. As the movie "one thought without understanding" said: space, space... There is no space here

in the narrow space, "a thought without understanding" creates a strong sense of depression, and life seems to force people out of breath, full of suffering and heartache


busy work and life, crowded huts and spaces, higher and higher house prices, but smaller and smaller living areas, which is the same situation not only in Hong Kong, but also in other cities in China

some owners of small houses think that the space is limited, so they should make full use of the available places and carry out the "filling the space" to the end without leaving any gaps. Like at home, as long as there is a corner to put furniture, like color more color, there is spare space to do storage storage. No matter the wall or the ground, there is no waste, that is, there is no reasonable and scientific design and dynamic planning of space, which makes the home messy and depressing


there are many beautiful things in the world, and not everything needs to be owned. No matter the size of the house, it should be designed according to the family population and actual needs. And the home custom design that allows you to show your strength in a 20 ㎡ space, dance Yangko, and indulge wantonly is the most worthwhile

Stanley home in the United States,

can not only make reasonable use of various spaces in the home,

make customized furniture match the whole home environment,

can also be customized according to the owner's personality to fully highlight the owner's taste,

through scientific and reasonable planning and design, create unlimited space utilization value in the limited living space

in view of the characteristics of the majority of small houses in the future real estate market, Stanley home full house customization in the United States will give full play to the imagination of design, let small houses "expand", and create a more comfortable and livable home living space

selected | appreciation of Stanley home renderings in the United States


→ SIDEBOARD CABINET and glass display cabinet, used to display some cups, wine and handicraft collections of the host; The card seat design is comfortable and casual, practical and emotional, creating a pleasant dining atmosphere

→ in addition, the space under the card seat can be used as a drawer for storing things, which not only saves space, but also increases storage

→ white oak cabinet, blue card seat cushion and ceiling, table pure white, chair log color, color matching is appropriate, and the space appears bright and open

household shoe cabinet

→ considering the need to change clothes and coats when entering and leaving the door, wall hooks are specially designed for hanging clothes

→ the open lattice + seat design makes it convenient for the owner to sit comfortably and change shoes, while the empty part can put some frequently worn shoes, which is convenient to take, take and put

→ in order to avoid monotonous space, the designer specially designed a laminate display area in the middle of the shoe cabinet, plus the mirror design, which can make the displayed items more exquisite and enhance the decorative sense of the space

TV cabinet

→ the living room takes practicality and aesthetics as the starting point, and enough activity space is reserved

→ use white to make the space feel more spacious. The warm white TV cabinet partially uses glass as the cabinet door to make the space have a transparent feeling; Use the wall as a laminate display area, so that books and handicrafts can be stored, and the overall feeling is very neat, clean and beautiful

tatami multifunctional room

→ tatami room is a multifunctional public space with study, secondary bedroom, leisure and entertainment. A whole row of open laminate storage cabinets are arranged on the wall near the window, and the lower half is used as a concealed door storage cabinet, which can not only meet the owner's book storage needs

→ tatami straddles the window, with a wide view of space; If there are guests visiting, it can also be used as a temporary guest room or teahouse

bedroom wardrobe

→ the storage space of the wardrobe is very sufficient, and the clothes of the young couple can be reasonably stored; The dressing table is integrated with the bedside table, and a laminate storage cabinet is made at the connection of the side wardrobe to store books; The sliding door waist line design is full of fashion and does not occupy excess area; Make full use of the top space, which is very convenient for storing infrequent items

→ the master bedroom uses pillows with floral elements and warm and comfortable bedding. The head of the bed is decorated with a photo wall, and a bottle of beautiful flowers is placed on the table next to it to increase the living atmosphere of the space, which is full of warmth


→ life can't be as good as you think, but it won't be as bad as you think. The success or failure of a moment is just a small cold for a person's life. If the heart is tired, let it rest. In the bookcase design of Stanley home in the United States, the repair of the soul is the hope that life will never dry up

if what you hold in your hand is happiness, cherish it. Don't arrange your life too full. Give up what should be given up and cherish what should be cherished. Leave a breathing space for your home appropriately, let your body and mind enjoy the indulgent rhythm, and live calmly, simply and gracefully





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