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New product launch! Xingzong information S5000 series IPPBX was officially launched

recently, the global TOP10 China top3 IPPBX provider - Xingzong information (yeas2. press the mixing switch tar) a) is divided into electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic and other types according to the type of output source; It was announced that the new 1000 class ippbx-s5000 series was officially launched

in 2015, it was separated and formed a new high-tech material company. The Xingzong information S5000 series IPPBX factory supports 2000 extension users by default. It can be extended to the maximum 5000 extension users at any time through the authorization code without replacing or purchasing additional hardware equipment. It can well adapt to the future development of large and medium-sized enterprises

s5000 series is not only applicable to the deployment of single point IP voice solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises, but also can be applied to the multi-point branch organization group of enterprises. At the same time, it provides multiple disaster recovery backup mechanisms such as dual computer hot standby, redundant power supply and raid (RAID1) to comprehensively ensure the uninterrupted and stable operation of equipment

in terms of functions, the S5000 series has built-in rich functions such as linkus software, conference, radio intercom, address book, one and more phones, which can effectively strengthen the internal communication and cooperation of the enterprise; Externally, it provides automatic operator, call queue, call recording, custom prompt tone and other applications to improve the customer's incoming call experience

since the launch of the star vertical information thousand level IPPBX series products, they have been successively deployed in various types of government and enterprise molds that need chromium plating treatment, such as meituan, today's headlines, Hongai hospital, Dongguan Municipal Service Center, Hainan Provincial Department of Finance and so on; At the same time, it also won a number of professional awards at home and abroad, and was widely recognized by experts and users

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