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A new product -- corrugated paper composite tray

with the development of China's foreign trade, the needs of export enterprises and the severe situation of protecting the natural ecological environment. In the packaging and logistics industry, the development and production of paper instead of wood products must be the general trend

the emergence of corrugated paper tray fills the blank of paper tray. It has promoted the development and popularization of the technology of replacing wood with paper. It is positive and developable to improve the market share of paper pallets and meet the needs of export commodities, especially to meet the needs of the export of lighter goods

corrugated paper pallets are characterized by high degree of production automation, strict production process, reasonable geometric dimensions, accurate loading with pipes and storage tanks from the value and consumption, carrying heavier goods with fewer materials, neat appearance and standardization, taking into account all resources. Light weight, good load-bearing integrity, especially suitable for air cargo, which can effectively reduce the transportation cost

the corrugated paper tray adopts the combination block, which can be combined freely. It can be adjusted according to the shape, weight and lifting method of the load, and can produce pallets of any size. It is beneficial to the environment and the logistics price. It has various changes and is suitable for various forms of combined pallets

the corrugated paper tray has a wide middle beam and good integrity, which enhances the ability of the paper tray to resist heavy (eccentric) loads. 8. this machine has the function of breaking protection. The upper and lower materials are the same, and both are flat, which is especially suitable for special occasions, such as the occasion when the belt was officially introduced at the beginning of this year for loading and unloading goods and the occasion when the pallet is piled up when it is used for storage. Corrugated board has high compactness, which overcomes the defects of vulnerable edges and corners of other paper pallets. Therefore, corrugated paper tray has more extensive adaptability

it is based on the protection of corrugated paper pallets for environmental resources (recyclable), the consideration of reducing logistics costs, short production cycle, multiple varieties, quality safety and reliability. In this emerging industry, Beijing Zhengbao paper products Co., Ltd. has introduced foreign corrugated paper pallet automatic production lines to produce this brand-new product, which provides a more suitable packaging and transportation product for export enterprises and logistics industry

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