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Zoomlion Zhan Chunxin: climbing together is another wonderful

Zoomlion Zhan Chunxin: climbing together is another wonderful

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respected leaders, distinguished guests and colleagues:

good morning! Today, we are reunited again to review the climbing journey of the year and meet a new start and new hope. As the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, please allow me, on behalf of Zoomlion, to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, distinguished guests and friends who have always trusted and supported Zoomlion and extend my new year's greetings! Best wishes for the new year to all retired comrades, all our Chinese colleagues, Italian CIFA, ladurner, German m-TEC colleagues and colleagues from Russia, India, the Netherlands, Brazil and other countries

in 2016, the alignment was carried out in the workshop after processing; The tightness experiment of the pipeline means not only difficulty, but also achievement. It is believed that the hard work in the market and the self subversive innovation and change have left an indelible memory in the hearts of every Zoomlion. What moved us was that in the face of confusion and pain, Zoomlion people chose to stick together; In the face of challenges and difficulties, Zoomlion people choose to play together; Facing the cliffs and deep valleys, Zoomlion chose to climb together. We always worked together, and finally stepped on the most difficult mountain road at our feet and walked out tenaciously! Let's cheer for ourselves, and let me say "everyone is working hard" to all Zoomlion people on behalf of the company

at this moment, I want to say that this kind of hard work is worth it. Never before has an enterprise been able to build an evergreen foundation without going through several crises. And every test is to go from ordinary to outstanding. Reifenhuser believes that it will take six years to reach a milestone

peaks not only represent the scale of altitude, but also the height of climbers. Take the oscilloscope as an example to climb on the steep rock wall with bare hands, which makes us more powerful and agile; Being beaten in the turbulence of the market makes our direction clearer and our viability stronger; In the hanging beam stab, we have 1 suggestion to provide users with reference stock. The weight-bearing forward in ice and fire quenching will make our mind more sound and our will more tenacious. With this polishing, we can say with more confidence that although we are trekking at the bottom, our ability and state have reached another height! With this exercise, we have accumulated energy to climb higher mountains

if there is no walker, there is no future; No great cause can be achieved without climbing

2017 will be a year of great turning point in the development of Zoomlion and a year of continuing to climb out of the mud. In moving forward, we will highlight the word "excellence" and make a careful, smart and accurate climb to realize the Lean Development of the enterprise

climbing is focused and meticulous. For climbers, every start is a test of life and death. They need to follow the rules and make careful preparations to ensure that everything is safe. For Zoomlion people, in the face of the responsibilities entrusted by the enterprise, they should devote themselves to every work with dedication, heart and care like climbers. If there are regulations, do it carefully according to the rules; If there is no system, it should be done meticulously with faith, will and professionalism. Don't worry about gain and loss, and don't be afraid of the risks of peaks and valleys. Only when people are there and their hearts are there, can things be planned and accomplished

climbing is insight and smart control. The climate is unpredictable, and the mountains are steep and steep. Smart climbers are both professional explorers and familiar with the peaks; And overall deployment, choose the path according to time and place, and avoid chaos in case of danger. For Zoomlion people, smart work is the unity of professional depth and overall breadth. We should not only cultivate the professional ability matching the post, but also be good at planning the overall situation; We should not only avoid the traps in front of us, but also plan the overall path; Use the professional quality that is proficient in one skill, and use the concept of knowing the overall situation to point directly to the goal

climbing is to lock the target and exert force accurately. Cliff climbing, in particular, requires precision. If it is not accurate, it will consume physical energy at first, and then it will be broken to pieces at last. It is just the so-called mistake. For Zoomlion, the environment of scarce resources and cold market does not allow us to frequently try and make mistakes. Every Zoomlion person should take accuracy as the principle, do the right thing once, do it in place, step on every step, step on every step, make every step solid, make every step more valuable, and make every step closer to the peak

climbing is unremitting pursuit and lean to win. Lean climbing is the pursuit of climbers. Only with scientific path selection, reasonable speed matching, proper strength and lean throughout the process, can we climb higher, see farther, enjoy the joy and happiness of climbing, and resolve the suffering and pain of trekking. For Zoomlion people, even though they are at a low point today, the strategic goal of becoming a 100 billion level and international enterprise has never wavered. In the process of climbing towards this main peak, we should realize the optimal combination of management, R & D, manufacturing and service in terms of time, efficiency and efficiency, excellent and profitable, from fine to stable, from fine to strong, from fine to far, which is the sustainable way of a century old foundation. When we focus on "lean" to climb, stick to and inherit, even though there are thousands of ravines, the main peak that looms and appears at that time will eventually be conquered by the people of Zoomlion

colleagues! The hardest part is over. Although it is still too early to succeed, the tenacious climbing after wrestling and the headwind in the rain and snow have made us reach another height. Today's long tassel is in hand, tomorrow's black dragon is bound! Every Zoomlion should have such confidence and pride. In 2017, let's roll up our sleeves, get rid of our arms, become a refined enterprise, and build a more wonderful Zoomlion! (this article is from Zoomlion)

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