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Zoomlion Yinchuan sanitation machinery was put into operation at the end of the year with an estimated annual sales revenue of 800million yuan

Zoomlion Yinchuan sanitation machinery was put into operation at the end of the year with an estimated annual sales revenue of 800million yuan

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sanitation mechanization is a basic content to reflect the level of urban modernization. Improving the mechanization level of sanitation operation is to reduce the operation intensity of sanitation workers, reduce safety risks, improve operation efficiency and quality The hope of improving urban quality is also the fundamental way out for the development of environmental sanitation modernization. On June 13, walking into the site of Zoomlion Yinchuan sanitation machinery project, the new regulations of the project did not stipulate the inspection requirements of extended gauge distance. Vehicles came and went, and there was a busy scene of tension and quick work. On the originally empty land, three huge factories had been erected. According to Baipeng, director of the office of Zoomlion (Ningxia) Environmental Industry Co., Ltd., the original 7600 square meter plant and office building have been transformed in the first phase of the project. At the same time, two new fine production workshops have been completed, and the production line is about to be installed. Phase I of the project will "Trial production began in July, and equipment production was officially put into operation at the end of the year. After the project is completed, it will produce an annual output of 2000 sets of environmental sanitation machinery such as compressed garbage trucks, cleaning trucks, snow removal trucks, etc., achieve a sales revenue of 800million yuan, a profit and tax of 150million yuan, and provide more than 200 jobs. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of testing mechanics experimental machines for testing various materials. It is understood that Zoomlion environmental sanitation machinery project, which is located in Binhe new area , a key investment attraction project in the area, is invested and constructed by Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. the project plans to invest 203 million yuan, covers an area of 120.75 mu, and has a total construction area of 44532 square meters. It mainly builds production lines for cleaning trucks, compressed garbage trucks, and compressed docking garbage trucks. Authoritative experts believe that the key to improving the way of urban environmental sanitation and cleaning is to expand the scope of mechanized cleaning and cleaning operations, promote dust reduction and low dust cleaning operations, and ensure ecological benefits while improving the rate of road mechanized cleaning. "We have independently developed the third generation of compressed garbage truck, which adopts two-way compression technology, with a compression ratio of more than 1:2.5. At the same time, the sewage storage capacity is strong, and there will be no dripping and spraying in the process of collection and transportation. Its comprehensive performance has reached the advanced level of similar domestic products." Bai Peng introduced that in the production line of Zoomlion sanitation machinery, there are also new low-pressure cleaning vehicles and snow removal vehicles. These equipment also have strong engine power, energy conservation and environmental protection, and their emissions meet Euro IV or Euro V standards. They are domestic leading and international advanced special sanitation vehicles. Today, Yinchuan has become an important node city of the "the Belt and Road". It is the core area of the inland opening-up pilot zone in Ningxia. It undertakes the major mission of opening the bridgehead to the West. As the "sub center" of Yinchuan, Binhe new area has a unique investment and development carrying capacity. "Binhe new area project will become the manufacturing base and operation center of Zoomlion sanitation machinery in the northwest region. The research results show that the analysis and detection system can be used as the identification center of recycled polypropylene and recycled polyethylene, and its products will focus on the environmental industry." Bai Peng said that in the later stage, Zoomlion will also introduce the production of other product segments according to the market situation, from the manufacturing and processing of parts to the assembly and debugging of the whole vehicle, product sales and after-sales service, and finally form a complete industrial chain to better serve Yinchuan

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