Fuxin will build 4C airport to realize the blue sk

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During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Fuxin will build 4C airport to realize the blue sky dream of citizens

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Fuxin will build 4C airport to realize the blue sky dream of citizens

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Guide: when highways and high-speed railways have entered or are about to break into the lives of new people in Fuxin, citizens began to yearn for the air bridges built by aircraft, and unconsciously began to have a blue sky dream. Fuxin's 12th Five Year Plan points out that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, we will build an efficient

when highways and high-speed railways have entered or are about to enter Fuxin's life, citizens have begun to yearn for the "air bridge" built by aircraft, and unconsciously have a blue sky dream

Fuxin's "12th Five Year Plan" points out that during the "12th Five Year Plan", the goal will be to build an efficient and convenient transportation system, with highways, high-speed railways, inland ports, airports, pipeline transportation and other transportation 4 Backbone enterprises have significantly enhanced their strength, focusing on the construction of facilities and supporting stations, and implemented a number of major transportation facilities projects

among them, the relevant content about airport construction is becoming more and more clear and eye-catching. The plan is clear: in terms of the airport, we will vigorously strive for national support. According to the 4C level civil aviation construction standard, the vibration caused by the insufficient number of supports and the needs of the troops may be realized, and the relocation of the training airport for the troops stationed in Fu will be realized, and the military civilian airport will be built. At the same time, according to the agglomeration effect and diffusion effect after the completion of the airport, we should do a good job in the design, development and utilization of the airport economic zone

see what 4C airport looks like first

in fact, the word "build airport" has appeared in Fuxin for some time

according to the data, in February 2009, in order to actively promote the progress of the airport project in our city, the city held a coordination meeting for the airport project in the early stage, which was attended by the leaders of 17 relevant units and departments

then, the promotion of the project was carried out in an all-round way. In this year's "government work report", the description of the military civilian airport is: the preliminary work is progressing smoothly

4c what exactly does the airport look like? According to a lot of data, 4C refers to the grade of civil aviation airport flight area. The grade of airport flight area refers to the performance of runway and corresponding facilities that determine what grade of aircraft can use this airport. Airports are classified according to this capability, which is called airfield level

4c airport has a runway length of ≥ 1800 meters. 4C airport is usually used as a feeder airport, generally taking off and landing Airbus A320 series, Boeing 737 series and below civil aircraft. Jinzhou xiaolingzi airport, which is not far from our city, is a 4C level military civilian airport

it's not only more convenient to travel.

"that is, the performance consumption of plastic granulation in China is nearly 1.5% higher than that in the UK, so it's still of great significance to build an airport in Fuxin after the opening of the Beijing Shenyang high-speed railway. There will be no airport in the future, which may be like there is no railway station now. Users don't need to change it)" a person in charge of the transportation department of Fuxin analyzed that the current transportation in Fuxin mainly depends on railways and highways, If the airport is completed, Fuxin will completely become an "airport city". In addition to its huge city business card value and the role of improving the city image, it will also further improve the transportation network of Fuxin. With the continuous increase of air routes, through direct flights, transit and other forms, Fuxin can be closer to China and the rapidly developing cities in the world, strengthen the connection, and promote the process of economic transformation, Achieve better openness and development

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