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Heat shrinkable wrapping machine manufacturer Fuyang

heat shrinkable wrapping machine manufacturer Fuyang

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product brand Junpeng machinery product model L450 production City Hebei Dacheng shipment City Dacheng total supply 100000 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 25000 measurement unit set product details

heat shrinkable wrapping machine manufacturer Fuyang

our factory can accept special specifications according to customer needs customized. To fully meet your requirements, our factory uses modern enterprise management system to manage and serve our customers with integrity. It is a professional manufacturer of heat shrinkable film packaging machines. The stable development in recent years gives us time to cultivate professional and technical talents, introduce sophisticated equipment, and improve the service and quality supervision system

the high-speed side sealing machine can be used for full-automatic shrinkage data display packaging of products. It adopts photoelectric to automatically detect products. It can choose two modes of automatic feeding or manual feeding. It adopts folded film and can seal other three sides. The constant temperature heating sealing and cutting system can be used to seal and cut PE, PVC, POF and other industrial standard heat sealing films. With many years of industry experience, a strong technical team, professional production and customization: packer, winding machine, sealing machine, sealing and cutting packaging machine, shrinking machine, automatic packaging assembly line... The strength can be verified. Tell us your packaging needs and problems, and we can recommend you economical and efficient packaging solutions! The shrink packaging machine uses far-infrared radiation to directly heat various specifications of films. The products are transported to the shrink furnace through the conveyor belt. The products are loaded with shrink packaging film, sealed and enter the shrink packaging machine, and the products shrink automatically Compared with the performance of E glass, the shrink packaging machine consumes less power, and the average power consumption is only 2.1kw per hour. It achieves the perfect shrink packaging effect, and will not affect the packaging. Electronic stepless speed change, solid-state voltage regulator temperature control, stable and reliable. It is used in the shrink packaging of end of production products, beverages, candy, cultural goods, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical supplies, etc. based on humanized consideration. Pneumatic sealing and cutting heat shrinkable packaging machine is a medium speed full-automatic sealing and cutting machine designed according to the different needs of customers in the domestic market on the basis of full-automatic high-speed side sealing machine. The sealing is firm and beautiful, especially suitable for POF sealing and cutting. When changing the product size, it only needs to make simple adjustment through the handwheel without replacing any parts, which reduces the product replacement time and is easier to operate. The front-end feeding system with adjustable speed and the storage working platform at the back-end make the whole machine truly realize high-speed and unmanned automatic operation. 4. After the red indicator light of the temperature control meter is on, the packaging shrinkage can be started. At this time, press the cold air switch, and note that the air flow should be vertical downward, and the air flow cannot be blown into the channel. 5. Put the articles to be shrunk on the conveyor belt and start working normally. Shutdown: 1 Turn off the temperature control switch and blow cold air into the drying channel. 2. After ten to twenty minutes, when the temperature drops below 60 ° C, turn off other switches and disconnect the power supply of the whole machine. Precautions: 1 Turn on the power supply of the whole machine. At this time, all three indicator lights on the operation panel should be on. 2. Press the hot air switch, and the two hot air motors should start running. 3. Press the conveying switch and adjust the speed regulating knob. At this time, losing 1 will push up the price of wood pulp; On the other hand, it may speed up China's strict implementation of the waste paper import restriction policy, and the feeding chain should be in motion. Check whether the direction of movement is correct. 4. The temperature control meter adopts upper and lower limit digital temperature control. The temperature difference between the upper and lower limits is about 10 ° C. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the upper and lower limits of temperature control without authorization. 5. Press the cooling air switch, the cooling fan at the outlet operates, and adjust the air flow to vertical downward 6 Closing operation of conveying motor


· longitudinal seal (side seal) adopts constant temperature knife, which can seal and cut continuously

· the horizontal seal adopts the form of constant temperature knife, and the lifting seal cutting

· when the product size changes within the allowable range of the equipment, it can be easily adjusted by the equipment itself, without changing any mold or fixture

· the length of the product can be automatically detected by two groups of electric eyes in the horizontal or vertical direction. The length of the product is unlimited, and products of different lengths can be produced at the same time.

· PLC and touch screen are used, which is easy to operate and learn. Five groups of frequency converters are used to accurately control the transmission. It has safety protection and device, and the sealing and cutting system can make sealing action continuously and smoothly, without replacement, and the maintenance is very simple. Feeding length control through the combination of electric eye detection and timer, the length of the adhesive film is accurately controlled, so that the shrinkage effect is easier to control. Add two groups of horizontal and vertical electric eyes, which is convenient for switching and selection. For thin or small packages, the sealing and packaging operation can be easily completed. Automatic waste coiling is controlled by a separate motor, which will not be too loose or too tight and will not crack, and the waste is easy to disassemble. According to the needs of customers, automatic blowing function can be added. It can be equipped with the front-end power feeding line and the rear-end non power storage table edging sealing and cutting machine according to needs, especially suitable for the batch shrink packaging of long strip products such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, photo frame, picture frame, aluminum profile, wood products, etc. Full automatic film covering heat shrinkable packaging machine is a new ideal packaging equipment, which is widely used in the packaging of various items in food and beverage, wood products, daily chemical arts and crafts products, toys and other industries

· plexiglass safety door not only ensures safety, but also depends on production conditions

scope of application: food, beverage, stationery, jewelry, gifts, daily chemicals, hardware, cables, digital electronics, lighting, ceramics and other industries at home and abroad

our factory is an enterprise with "modernization of science and technology, friendly service and internationalization of brand". Based on the tenet of "quality first, user first", and the principle of price and quality, the enterprise will create a better future with colleagues from all walks of life

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