Fuxin releases a batch of innovative achievements

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Fuxin released a number of innovative achievements in fluorine chemical industry

on November 30, the first conference of fluorine chemical industry achievements in Fuxin, Liaoning Province was held in Fuxin, which was hosted by the Fuxin Municipal government and undertaken by the Fuxin Economic and Information Commission and the fluorine industry development zone. The China fluorine casting yield strength testing machine is a kind of equipment specially for testing the yield strength of castings. The silicon industry association, the Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of marine organic chemistry without any damage and parameter error of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units co organized in the city. The theme of this press conference is to build China's fluorine capital and the future of scientific innovation. A number of innovative achievements in fluorine chemical industry were released at the conference

At the press conference, Shanghai Baifeng environmental protection engineering company and Shandong palidi environmental protection engineering company, the key enterprises cooperating with Fuxin Fluorine Industry Development Zone, introduced their experience in the transformation and cooperation of scientific research achievements respectively. Experts from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University and Shanghai Institute of organic Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units introduced in detail the production process, application fields, technical performance and economic indicators of 55 latest R & D achievements, including fluorine-containing functional materials, marine special antifouling coatings, new fluorine-containing anticonvulsant drugs and fluorine-containing drugs, pesticide intermediates, daily chemical spices, amino trifluoro toluene synthesis, etc. Fuxin fluorine industry development zone has carried out project negotiation and docking with relevant scientific research institutions and enterprises. Four enterprises, including Tianjin Xiwei chemical company and Shanghai Baifeng environmental protection engineering company, signed contracts with Fuxin Fluorine Industry Development Zone on the spot, with a total investment of 906 million yuan, and seven projects signed cooperation intentions, with an agreement amount of 3.2 billion yuan

it is understood that since the establishment of Fuxin fluorine chemical industry base in 2008, 42 enterprises including OCI, Yingpeng group and Lianhua technology group of South Korea have successively settled in, and their main products include hundreds of fluorine materials, fine chemicals, aromatic fluorine-containing pharmaceutical intermediates, etc

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