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Zouping aluminum furniture association was established

on March 25, the opening ceremony of Zouping aluminum furniture association was held in the academic lecture hall of Haosheng Primary School of Zouping Haosheng sub district office

Zhao Qianqian, Secretary General of Shandong Aluminum Association, Li Jiangang, vice mayor of Zouping City, FA Ping, Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Aluminum Association and Executive Deputy Secretary General of Binzhou Aluminum Industry Association, as well as responsible comrades in charge of relevant municipal departments and relevant towns and streets, and responsible comrades of dual management units, financial institutions and large-scale enterprises in Haosheng street. The operating steps are to cut the printing paper into three corners, and all member units of Zouping aluminum home furnishing Association, Haosheng Street Village "two committees" cadres, all organ cadres and relevant representatives of enterprises participated in the activity

Zhao Qianqian delivered a speech on behalf of Shandong Aluminum Industry Association and Binzhou Aluminum Industry Association. He said that the establishment of Zouping aluminum furniture association is a major event and a happy event for the transformation and upgrading of Zouping's traditional furniture industry and the vertical extension of the aluminum industry chain. Zouping is the birthplace and main battlefield of Binzhou aluminum industry cluster. In 2018, Binzhou aluminum industry cluster achieved a main business income of 330.4 billion yuan, of which Zouping completed 180 billion yuan, accounting for 54.5% of the whole Binzhou City. On October 19 last year, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, made a survey on promoting the high-quality development of aluminum industry to Zouping according to the introduction of the exhibition organizers. He fully affirmed the development history, development mode, development status and development planning of Binzhou aluminum industry, showed great concern for aluminum furniture, and encouraged all aluminum related enterprises to do a good job in research and development and the transformation of innovative achievements, so as to continue to promote the high-quality development of Shandong Aluminum Industry Make greater contributions to building the brand of "Shandong Aluminum Industry"

Zhao Qianfeng said that in recent years, driven by the strong leadership of Zouping municipal Party committee and government and the leading enterprises such as Weiqiao entrepreneurial group, Zouping aluminum industry cluster has vigorously promoted the new and old initiatives, so how can relevant enterprises do to get a share in such a large market? It has made great progress in industrial layout, product structure, scientific and technological innovation, brand creation and other aspects. In particular, with the rise of emerging industries such as aluminum furniture, many aluminum end products directly facing the consumer public have been produced. These products have unparalleled significant advantages over other materials, and will make continuous contributions to improving people's material life and promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The aluminum furniture manufacturing base represented by Haosheng Street will become the central post station of "aluminum for life" and an important part of the world's high-end aluminum industry base

Zhao Qianfeng said that Shandong Aluminum Industry Association and Binzhou aluminum industry association must actively play the role of a bridge, constantly enhance business cooperation and internal and external exchanges with Zouping aluminum Home Association, and do their best to help Zouping aluminum home in the process of using this standard experimental conditions to check the system. Enterprises should do a good job in the industry and run the association well. With the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and the strong support of all towns and streets, industrial parks and departments directly under the municipal government, Zouping aluminum home furnishing industry will certainly rise and become a demonstration and model for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy of traditional industries in the province

Zhao Qianfeng and Li Jiangang jointly unveiled the Zouping Aluminum Furniture Association. Li Jiangang, vice mayor of Zouping, and Bi Hongbo, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Haosheng sub district office delivered speeches respectively. Zhou Zhihua, the first president of Zouping Aluminum Furniture Association, made a statement

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