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Zoucheng investigates and deals with a workshop of fake famous brand paint and decorative materials recently, Zoucheng Administration for Industry and commerce, together with the Public Security Bureau and television station, carried out law enforcement inspection in qianmiao village of Fushan sub district office of the city. In an ordinary residential courtyard, we saw a workshop where two workers were working. One mixer was used to mix white cement, talcum powder and other raw materials to produce putty powder, and the other mixer was used to mix and produce glue, After on-site cleaning and inspection, it was found that the workshop has produced and processed 188 bags of "Nippon" brand putty powder, 200 bags of "duluxi" putty powder, 122 barrels of "sankeshu" glue, and 100 bags of putty powder production raw materials, 600 baled packaging bags, 120 plastic barrels, as well as two mixers and other production tools. According to the two workers, the boss is from Jiangsu and has been specialized in the production and processing of fake famous brand decorative materials for many years. Customers can produce and process products of any brand that is highly competitive in the global automotive interior trim material market

industrial and commercial law enforcement officers seized the plant and products according to law. At present, the case is under further investigation and trial, which undoubtedly provides energy for the industrial transformation of Nanzhuang

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