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Zoomlion Yuanjiang Industrial Park Evonik will enter the display market, and the welding robot in the mixing drum will be put into use

Zoomlion Yuanjiang Industrial Park mixing drum welding robot will be put into use

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Guide: intelligent and efficient technology superior Zoomlion Yuanjiang Industrial Park mixing drum welding robot will be put into use on the morning of October 24, 2012, multimedia Enterprise representatives gathered in Yuanjiang Industrial Park of Zoomlion concrete machinery company and witnessed the mixing drum of Zoomlion mixer truck

-- the welding robot in the mixing drum of Zoomlion Yuanjiang Industrial Park was put into use

on the morning of October 24, 2012, many multimedia and enterprise representatives gathered in the Yuanjiang Industrial Park of Zoomlion concrete machinery company to witness the official launch of the production system of the welding robot in the mixing drum of Zoomlion mixer. The use of this system is the first time in the domestic concrete machinery industry. Its production reflects the first-class automatic production capacity and outstanding manufacturing technology strength of the enterprise. Chen Xiaofei, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of concrete machinery company in terms of mechanical property experiments of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products, and Dr. kroth and Dr. emontz of German Reis robot Co., Ltd. attended the launching ceremony and cut the ribbon

keep improving - create a first-class automatic production line

in September this year, Zoomlion concrete machinery company successfully produced and sold the 10000th mixer in 2012, achieving a new historical breakthrough in the production of mixing products. Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. fully integrates the European advanced manufacturing technology of Italian CIFA, innovates the production management mode of mixer truck, promotes lean production, and introduces new production technology and equipment to "manufacture mixer truck by producing cars"

it is reported that in order to further improve the manufacturing capacity of mixer trucks and build high-end brands, Zoomlion is carrying out the Yuanjiang phase II technical transformation project. After the completion of the project, the automation and fluidization of mixer truck production will reach the world leading level, and the "one-piece flow" lean production management mode will be realized. The production of inner weld welding robot is an important part of the whole technological transformation project

top technology - the application of the world's leading robot technology

manual welding of mixing drum blades is difficult and complex, so the quality is difficult to guarantee. Automatic welding can completely solve the problem of uneven welding quality

Zoomlion selected all the top European robot technology systems in the mixer truck production line this time, aiming to build high-end production capacity and advanced manufacturing strength, ensure the professionalism and reliability of the production line with the most advanced manufacturing equipment and mature system solutions, and ensure the stability and high-end product quality of the mixer truck. The automatic welding of the weld in the mixing drum will further improve the manufacturing accuracy of the mixing drum and blades, and will also make a qualitative leap in the welding quality

at present, Zoomlion mixer truck products have achieved a full range of coverage, and both the square volume and chassis can meet the personalized needs of users, and the market recognition of products has been greatly improved

human care - intelligent key technology process

the mixing drum is the core and key part of the mixing truck, and the welding of the weld in the spiral blade of the mixing drum is the key process of the manufacturing of the mixing drum. However, the space in the cylinder is narrow, so it is particularly difficult to operate manually, and the welding quality is difficult to guarantee; The most important thing is that the welding temperature is very high, especially in summer, the internal temperature may reach 60 degrees Celsius, and the workers work hard; Moreover, the ventilation in the cylinder is poor, and various 5g terminals have been developed. Welding smoke will also cause great damage to human body. Realizing the automation of this process is not only one of the key tasks of the automatic production of the whole mixer truck, but also the practical demand of realizing the humanization of production

the use of the welding robot in the blade of the mixing drum has announced the realization of the intellectualization and humanization of this key technical process, which indicates that the automatic production level of Zoomlion mixer truck has reached the world leading level. At the same time, this technology liberates workers from the harsh working environment, and highlights Zoomlion's concern for people as a social enterprise

the commissioning of the welding robot production system in the blade of the mixing drum is not only a milestone in the production automation of Zoomlion, but also represents the outstanding achievements of China's construction machinery manufacturing enterprises towards modernization and intelligence, and symbolizes the leap and improvement of the strength of national brands. Zoomlion, as the drafter of the national standard for concrete mixer trucks, often has many disappointments in the high-end concrete mixer truck manufacturers in the industry. It will continue to innovate management concepts, promote lean production, improve technical level, achieve greater improvement in business scale and quality, manufacture more competitive products, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the concrete industry

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