Fuxin leather industry base was identified as the

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Fuxin leather industry base was identified as the first transfer demonstration area

on August 31, at the third expanded meeting of the Sixth Council of China Leather Association held in Shanghai, Fuxin leather industry base was identified as the first "China leather industry demonstration base to undertake the transfer". At the meeting, China Light Industry Federation, Liaoning Provincial People's government, China Leather Association and Fuxin Municipal People's Government jointly signed the quadripartite agreement on "undertaking the transfer · China leather making demonstration base · Fuxin". Bu Zhengfa, President of China Light Industry Association, Chen Haibo, vice governor of Liaoning Province, Zhang Shuhua, President of China Leather Association, and pan Liguo, mayor, signed the agreement on behalf of the quadripartite at the end of 2015. Chen Haibo spoke at the signing ceremony

he said that in order to speed up the development of Fuxin, in 2008, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government formulated the development strategy of "breaking through the west of Liaoning, that is, the size of the thermal conductivity is arranged in order to the north", taking Fuxin as the main area for the implementation of this strategy, and taking the leather industry as a key industry for the overall revitalization of Liaoning's old industrial base and the priority development of Fuxin's economic transformation, and giving full play to the strength of the province. Chen Haibo said that the people's Government of Liaoning Province will give lasting support to the development of the demonstration base in accordance with the requirements of the agreement, and continue to give strong support in terms of policies, funds, land, science and technology, talents and so on, so as to achieve practical results

Fuxin leather industry base is a provincial development zone approved by the provincial government, and is clearly positioned as the only base for the development of leather industry in the province. The planned area of the base is 10 square kilometers, with a total investment of 14billion yuan. It is expected that the tanning capacity will reach 30million standard sheets. At present, the first phase infrastructure of the base has completed an investment of 210 million yuan, and the 2.7 square kilometer starting area has been fully launched, and the "seven supplies and one leveling" and unified pollution control have been achieved. The base will be committed to building a demonstration project of environmental protection and governance in the national leather industry, and prospectively guide the industry to form a new leather base with centralized production, unified pollution control, in line with the development mode of circular economy, and a relatively complete industrial chain

the establishment of "China leather making demonstration base for undertaking and transferring" has created a "gilded" business card for Fuxin leather industry base to enhance its popularity and influence in the industry, and for Fuxin to attract investment and foreign contacts. It will play a positive role in winning the relevant national support in the future. Therefore, the research at home and abroad in recent years has gradually shifted from single fiber to mixed fiber sector support and the quality improvement and upgrading of the whole industry

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