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ZTE selects lucid powerxtend software to expand its high-end brand

China's multinational telecommunications giant ZTE selects lucid powerxtend software for its equipment, aiming to enhance its high-end brand

innovative software solutions significantly improve the user experience and save up to 50% of power

Ctiforum July 15 (Yu Xin): lucidlogix (lucid) announced that Nubia, a high-end brand under ZTE, one of China's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers, has chosen to integrate lucid powerxtend software into its new equipment Nubia z7 series. After the announcement yesterday, the curve, displacement and force value can be dynamically displayed on the digital display. The coaxiality of the spindle axis and the lifting screw axis is out of tolerance. Nubia's shooting function and image processing function are considered to be the most advanced in the industry. Lucid powerxtend increases battery life by 50% when playing games, browsing pages or navigating. After localization for the Chinese market, lucid powerxtend software can run seamlessly on Nubian devices, supporting the use of the most popular games and Baidu navigation applications across the country

by integrating the complete lucid powerxtend software package including gamextend, navxtend and webxtend, fashionable Nubia will now have more power, longer battery life and better user experience

Nubia CEO Ni Fei said: customers have been eagerly waiting for the release of Nubia this summer. We believe that we will bring a new product that leads the trend and satisfies many followers and supporters. We have been working closely with lucid team, not only to localize and integrate powerxtend solutions into our series of products, but also to improve these applications so that they can run seamlessly and smoothly in our products. This means really increasing the power, extending the battery life and improving the performance, and so on, to bring our customers everything they want

Lucid PowerXtend? It is an innovative product series of the company, which is composed of three unique modules: navxtend, webxtend and gamextend. All three solutions have significantly reduced battery power by 50%, extending the time of navigation, browsing pages or playing games for a standard Android device for hours on a single charge. With the latest development and patent pending technology, powerxtend is now used in tens of millions of mobile devices. PowerXtend? It eases other typical battery management functions, such as screen brightness and voltage utilization, so as to maintain the low temperature and comfort of the device

ADINA Shorr, CEO of lucid, said: we are proud to cooperate with Nubia, and our cooperation has produced innovative and attractive new products. Lucid Parker hopes to help plastic packaging manufacturers achieve zero landfill through new technologies. The team works closely with Nubia to best integrate our solutions into their products. Cooperation with leading first-class manufacturers like Nubia will pave the way for future projects supported by lucid in China and the region

Nubia introduction

Nubia is a high-end brand under ZTE intelligence, which was launched in October 2012. ZTE is the world's leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. Nubia brand is independently managed and separated by a separate team of ZTE brand. It mainly focuses on the high-end open market and has achieved development all over the world. Nubia is favored by consumers with its unique concept, design, price, advertising and services

lucidlogix introduction

lucidlogix solutions, headquartered in Israel, is committed to developing mobile software execution technology, significantly improving graphics performance while reducing power consumption. Lucid's mission is to meet the global demand for higher performance and longer-lived mobile experiences by expanding the algorithms and software technologies that are expected to be put into operation by the end of December 2018 to handheld devices, tablets, intelligence and cloud. Lucid's virtu MVP, virtual Vsync, hyperformance and basic technology have brought a new game experience, which not only improves the response speed and frame rate, but also eliminates visual distortion

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