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The annual carton purchase amount of the food factory with an annual revenue of 600million yuan is nearly 30million

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recently, Jiangsu Hualv Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Hualv Biotechnology) disclosed the prospectus for its initial public offering and listing on the gem (Registration draft). The author found that this enterprise is an edible fungus cultivation enterprise, with an annual purchase of nearly 30million cartons. Suqian Fangzheng Packaging Co., Ltd. and Bingxin Packaging Co., Ltd. are its important packaging suppliers

leading enterprise in the edible fungus industry

according to the prospectus, Hualv biological was founded in 2010, headquartered in the National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Siyang, Jiangsu Province. Its products are Flammulina velutipes, crab flavored mushrooms, white jade mushrooms, etc., and it is one of the leading industrialized production enterprises of edible fungi in China. As of the signing date of the offering, Hualv biological has a total of 6 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries, 1 wholly-owned subsidiary and 1 joint-stock company

according to the "Research Report on the industrialization of edible fungi in China in the past 20 years with the development of society" issued by the industrialization Professional Committee of China Edible Fungi Association, Hualv biology ranks fourth among the enterprises that produce Flammulina velutipes in a industrialized scale. In the same year, the company was also recognized as a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization by the rural industry development department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas

at present, the edible fungus industry has formed a variety of production modes, such as traditional agricultural household type, enterprise + agricultural household type and industrialized production type. Hualv bio is a leading enterprise in the mode of industrialized production, with a revenue of 610 million and a net profit attributable to the parent company of 132 million in 2020; In the first quarter of this year, the revenue is expected to be between 160million and 185MILLION, and the net profit attributable to the parent company is about 60million

tens of millions of cartons are purchased annually

the purchase cost of Hualv biological is mainly divided into three parts: the first is raw materials such as corncob, rice bran, bran, cottonseed shell, beet residue, brewer's grains, the second is packaging materials such as cartons and flat bags, and the third is energy such as electricity, natural gas and biomass particles. In the month of 2020, the total purchase amount of these three categories is close to 100 million

in the past, the author checked the Prospectuses of several food and Baijiu production enterprises and found that among these enterprises, the purchase amount of cartons was about 5% - 10% of the annual revenue. The same is true of Hualv biology. In the month of 2020, its revenue was 288million, and the purchase amount of cartons was close to 15million; In 2019, the revenue was 575million, and the purchase amount of cartons was close to 30million

at present, Hualv bio mainly purchases four types of cartons, including 20kg cartons, 10kg cartons, 8kg cartons and 5kg cartons. On the whole, the total carton purchase volume of Hualv biological increased year by year. From 2017 to 2019, the data were 25.198 million, 27.7322 million and 29.81 million respectively

the two carton factories are their important suppliers

among the top five suppliers of Hualv bio in 2019, Huai'an Bingxin environmental protection packaging Co., Ltd./Chongqing Bingxin Packaging Co., Ltd. is among them. In other words, Bingxin Packaging Co., Ltd. is the largest carton supplier of Hualv biology in 2018, with a carton transaction volume of 9.3328 million, accounting for 4.66% of the total purchase volume

in 2018, Suqian Fangzheng Packaging Co., Ltd., Huai'an Bingxin environmental protection packaging Co., Ltd./Chongqing Bingxin Packaging Co., Ltd. were among the top five customers of Hualv biology, with carton trading volume of 15.4413 million and 6.6968 million respectively, accounting for 9.17% and 3.98% of the total procurement volume respectively

according to the author's understanding, Suqian founder Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, covering an area of 68 mu. It is one of the more influential large-scale secondary plants in the surrounding areas of Jiangsu, Shandong and Anhui. Huai'an Bingxin environmental protection packaging Co., Ltd./Chongqing Bingxin Packaging Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Bingxin packaging enterprise, and Bingxin packaging was founded in 1998. At present, it has more than 10 production bases all over the country

carton prices affect product specifications

in addition, the rise in carton prices also affects the purchase decisions of Hualv biological

in 2017, Hualv biological purchased 5.1182 million 10kg cartons, and Ningbo enterprises, which are hot for innovation, smelled business opportunities, with a purchase amount of 19.3451 million. Since the second half of 2018, in order to cope with the adverse impact of the rise in carton prices on the gross profit margin, Hualv biological and other edible mushroom enterprises have significantly reduced the product specifications of Flammulina velutipes in 10kg cartons, mainly adopting the packaging specifications of 20kg cartons

therefore, in 2018, it is difficult to successfully resist leakage only by relying on the waterproof layer, and the proportion of 20kg cartons purchased by Hualv biological has increased to 2417600. By 2019, 20kg Flammulina velutipes has become the main specification of Hualv biological products, and the purchase quantity of such cartons has also climbed to 5083600, with a purchase amount of 24.4719 million. It can be said that the change of carton price has a direct impact on the product specifications of Hualv biological

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