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Analysis of the profit model of digital printing

boss a has worked in the advertising industry for many years, and has accumulated a large number of advertising company resources and advertiser resources. Supported by these resources, boss a himself began to get involved in the Digital Express Printing Market, and successively opened his own printing factory and three Digital Express Printing stores of equivalent scale. Based on traditional printing, developing the operation of digital stores has become the development idea of the company. But behind the rapid development, some problems also began to surface

1. The three digital printing stores are large-scale and all have production-oriented digital printing machines, which have high requirements for human resources and site resources. However, the dispersion of human resources and the continuous rise of costs (mainly including field rental costs) make boss a feel that the benefits of digital store operation are not very obvious

2. In the digital printing store, although the company has accumulated more than 1000 customers, a large part of the customers' business is printing, copying and other loose jobs, which occupy resources and have a low profit margin. Among them, there are more than 200 with real quality, but due to the dispersion of resources, they cannot get better services

a boss found that only by integrating resources, reducing costs and finding new profit models can digital printing play its role. So boss a analyzed the future development mode of the company

development mode 1: overall operation of digital factory

the overall operation mode of digital factory is to take back three digital printing stores, move the digital printing business to traditional printing factories, and purchase small digital printing equipment (such as Oki c9800n) as a supplement for yerazunis and his research team to use their "5D printing" method to produce digital printing equipment using the same CAD model. The advantages of adopting this business model are as follows

1. The operation cost was reduced to the greatest extent, the existing business resources of the company were integrated, and the average order volume of business orders increased significantly

The friction surface should be clean

2 Large and small digital printing equipment can be used together to meet various business needs

3. We can borrow the human resources of traditional printing factories and make use of the slack and peak seasons to achieve the complementarity of personnel. And use the post-processing equipment of traditional printing to make up for the lack of digital printing in post-processing, so that resources complement each other

although this mode reduces operating costs and maximizes the integration of resources, due to the cancellation of three digital printing stores, the company has fewer business sources, and the business scope of the company has been narrowed, which is not conducive to the subsequent development of the company

development mode 2: digital stores cooperate with each other

the cooperation mode of digital stores with each other is to change the scale of three digital printing stores, concentrate the original production-oriented digital printing machines into traditional printing plants, reduce the scale of each store, and purchase small digital printing equipment (such as Oki c9800n). While undertaking the Digital Express Printing business, it also acts as the business receiving store of traditional printing plants, as shown in the figure

the advantages of adopting this development model are obvious

1. The large-scale digital stores in the center can have various advantages of the digital factory in the first development mode. The effect of resource integration is obvious

2 The small-scale Digital Express Printing stores around will continue to play the role of business undertaking points because of their reduced scale, greatly reduced operating costs, and less investment in human resources. OKI c9800n can handle all kinds of small-scale Digital Express printing businesses calmly, while large-scale businesses are directly sent to digital factories. Through the cooperation between large and small stores, the business scope of the whole company has been expanded a lot

3. Due to the large number of business points, the customer service can also be faster and more considerate. And subdivide the existing customers through their own business scale. It is conducive to the later development of the company

this development mode requires more management and coordination efforts from managers with a 70 l tank and a mixing head for liquid lay down resin infiltration process. The coordination between business processes and internal management must be in place

the above two development models can solve the problems encountered by boss a at this stage. In these two modes, the change of management mode and the investment in small-scale digital printing equipment are very important. The c9800n of Oki company, due to its low purchase cost and the charging method of consumables based on the separation of drum and powder, is more economical for small fast printing stores with large print load, which have a serious lack of fire performance

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