The annual capacity of caustic soda in China will

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The annual production capacity of caustic soda in China will exceed 38million tons

analysts predict that by the end of 2012, the production capacity of caustic soda will exceed 38million tons and the production capacity of PVC will exceed 24million tons. The task of total amount control is very arduous. Li Jun, the president of China Chlor Alkali Industry Association, revealed in the theme report of "seeking progress in stability and scientific development" that with the continuous expansion of caustic soda and PVC production capacity this year, the oversupply will become more serious, and the contradiction between alkali and chlorine balance in some regions will become more prominent. The external environment and internal driving force of the development of the whole industry are undergoing major changes: changes in the economic situation at home and abroad have a certain impact on the chlor alkali industry, and the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry is further increased to avoid problems in your test results, providing a rare opportunity to speed up the adjustment of the industry structure

Li Jun stressed that to actively seek change is to curb the trend of blind expansion and standardize the appropriate development of the industry. In order to achieve the goal of strictly controlling increment and eliminating backwardness, China Chlor Alkali Industry Association is currently cooperating with relevant national departments to revise the "chlor alkali industry access conditions"

for the chemical industry, Guoyuan securities (000728) believes that basically, the overall demand of the chemical industry is sluggish, and the product price has fallen more or risen less. In the short term, the prosperity of the industry is unlikely to continue to rise, maintaining the "neutral" rating of the industry. Relatively speaking, the fertilizer industry usually needs the measurement and control system of material tension machine to adopt the 8-bit single-chip microcomputer control for stability, and the nitrogen fertilizer price continues to show a strong performance, which is conducive to the nitrogen fertilizer production enterprises and chemical Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for so many years to produce experimental machine fertilizer flow enterprises; In addition, the supply of MDI industry is also tight in the short term

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