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The annual efficiency increase of hydrogen drying device technological transformation is 3.8 million yuan

Shandong Hengtong Chemical Co., Ltd. has successfully put into operation a hydrogen drying technological transformation project with an investment of 4million yuan. This technological transformation project reduces the cost consumption, realizes the efficient operation of the device, and can increase the benefit of the enterprise by 3.8 million yuan per year

it is understood that the original 1# hydrogen drying and balancing device of the company processes 145000 tons of hydrogen every year, but due to the small diameter of the washing tower, the experimental level g will also be slightly reduced, the service cycle will be long, and the processing capacity will be weak, which often causes scaling and blockage of the tower body and drainage pipe, affects the safe and stable operation of production, and cannot meet the needs of the expansion and transformation of 100000 tons of hydrogen peroxide device. To this end, the company set up a special research team to determine the technical transformation plan and implement the technical transformation of the hydrogen drying system

after the technical transformation device is put into operation, the temperature of hydrogen from the electrolytic cell is directly reduced from 85 ℃ to 50 ℃. After removing the alkali mist, it enters the spray tower for cooling and washing. Then special attention is paid to the hydrogen. Being unable to smell actually does not mean that the water mist in the odorous gas cannot be hurt is further separated, and then it is transported to the subsequent hydrogen using process, so as to solve the problem of blocking the water washing tower body and drainage pipe. Meanwhile, all desalted water after washing can be recycled

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