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Annual charging capacity of Jiangsu electric power charging facilities increased by 145%

January 2 "We have been looking for materials with higher tribological properties in the environment of high temperature, high pressure and corrosive chemical materials. On the 1st, the electric vehicle charging station on Zhongnan Road, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province was put into operation. Since then, the number and scale of charging piles independently built by Wuxi Power Supply company has exceeded 2500, which exceeds one quarter of the total number of charging piles built by the Provincial Power Co., Ltd.

in 2018, Jiangsu electric power strengthened the construction of electric vehicles and built new ones 206 charging stations and 2214 charging piles; A total of 801 charging stations and 9546 charging piles have been built; A 2-kilometer charging service circle and expressway have been formed in the core urban areas of major cities. Shaxiaolin said that the fast charging network is fully covered. The company has also built five integrated optical storage and charging charging charging stations in Nanjing Liuhe expressway service area, Suzhou Tongli, Yangzhou and Huai'an in accordance with the code for acceptance of construction quality of building ground engineering GB 50209 (2) 002, to meet the intelligent and interactive charging needs of electric vehicle customers. In addition, the company made every effort to serve the access of social charging facilities, with a total access of more than 30000 social charging facilities, and achieved 100% access of social public charging facilities to the national tram union platform

in 2018, Jiangsu electric power self built charging facilities were 51 million kwh, an increase of 145% year-on-year

while accelerating the construction of charging facilities, Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. comprehensively improves the utilization rate of charging facilities, and cooperates with tourism service companies to implement equipment transformation of existing charging stations to meet the charging needs of electric buses of foreign enterprises; Carry out zero and low-power treatment of charging piles, hold customer activities, and show customers the distribution of e-charging apps and national charging stations. In 2018, the company achieved a decrease of more than 60% in the proportion of zero and low-power charging facilities, and basically eliminated zero and low-power charging piles

Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. expands the space of emerging charging market, aims at the rapidly growing field of special electric vehicle charging, carries out various special electric vehicle customer charging service experience activities, discusses and formulates preferential schemes for key customers, and improves the market competitiveness of self built charging facilities. The company has continuously improved the process of application and installation for industry expansion, and launched one-stop services including application handling, on-site investigation, engineering construction, meter installation and power connection. The owner can apply for power connection after providing identity certificate, fixed parking space property right certificate or property right unit license certificate, consent certificate issued by the property in the community and technical parameters of the purchased charging pile

through innovative operation and maintenance mode, Jiangsu electric power has built a provincial operation monitoring center of car coupling platform, covering all charging and replacement facilities in Jiangsu Province, ensuring effective control over the operation and maintenance of charging and replacement infrastructure in the province; Build a 24-hour, 24-hour operation and maintenance service system, and rely on the 95598 customer service system to realize the distribution of maintenance work orders within 15 minutes. After receiving the maintenance work order, the maintenance personnel shall arrive at the site within 45 minutes and complete the troubleshooting within 2 hours. In addition, Jiangsu electric power has developed a monitoring auxiliary system based on the national car service platform to ensure the timely circulation of work orders and ensure the reliable operation of charging facilities

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