The annual celebration and year-end award ceremony

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The annual celebration and year-end award ceremony of alpha converter was held grandly

in 2011, a control actuator movement signal was sent from the workstation. On December 9, the annual celebration and year-end award ceremony of alpha converter with the theme of wonderful you and me building the future was held grandly in Shenzhen Silver Lake Resort. More than 40 dealers from all over the country were invited to attend this annual meeting, In particular, all employees of alpha should concentrate on celebrating together. Through fair process imitation and amplification, alpha attaches great importance to its partners

Mr. Bitao, general manager of alpha, attended the annual meeting and delivered a speech. He sincerely thanked all dealers and partners for their continued support and trust in alpha, and then summarized the excellent results achieved by alpha in 2011, which met the physical and chemical performance test methods of national standard wood-based panels and decorative wood-based panels. Mr. xiaoxuede, deputy general manager of alpha, introduced the 2012 development plan and objectives of alpha to the guests in a more in-depth and detailed manner

2011 is a harvest year for Al juridical person. With the continuous expansion of production scale, the headquarters moved to a new address and moved into Shenzhen Nanshan Science and technology park; Focusing on and deeply cultivating the industry, the products have been officially exported and exported overseas. New servo products are being prepared and will be grandly launched in 2012; With the expansion of channels, the sales volume increased significantly, and the total business volume exceeded 100 million. These news are undoubtedly great encouragement to dealers. The continuous enhancement of alpha's strength has laid a good foundation for dealers' subsequent sales work

the on-site dealers said: through years of close cooperation with alpha, they have established a good relationship of trust, mutual benefit and win-win results, and are full of confidence in future cooperation

on that night, the alpha year-end award ceremony was held at the same time. Alpha awarded dozens of awards, including service employees, progressive employees and innovative employees, to encourage employees who made outstanding contributions in 2011. The festive song and dance kicked off the annual meeting, with rich and wonderful performances, including dances, songs, magic, sketches, etc., showing the passion and vitality of alpha people and winning warm applause from the guests. The exciting lottery link runs through the whole annual meeting, pushing the atmosphere to a climax from time to time

looking forward to 2012, alpha will realize diversified products and technologies, and the launch of new servo products will further enrich its product line, adding chips to the development of alpha in the new year. Grasp the opportunity in the challenge, and I believe that alpha will continue to create new brilliance in 2012

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