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The car awarding ceremony for the best dealer of the year of micro energy technology award was grandly held in Shenzhen

the car awarding ceremony for the best dealer of the year of 2007 of micro energy technology award was grandly held in Antongda Industrial Park, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, recently. Engel demonstrated the production line of the gate plate on an Engel duo 5160/1000 injection molding machine. Foshan new technology, a major distributor of micro energy frequency converters from Foshan, Guangdong Province, won the grand prize for Lacrosse cars worth nearly 300000 yuan. At the car awarding ceremony, Liu Chengyong, general manager of Shenzhen Weineng Technology Co., Ltd., and Li Jianmin, deputy general manager, presented the award for the best dealer of the year. More than 10 domestic industry media conducted interviews and reports on this

in the past three short years, wechat technology has developed rapidly with an annual growth rate of more than 40%, which has also enabled the loyal partners of wechat brands to achieve sustainable development. 2008 is a key year for micro energy technology to launch a comprehensive market strategy for low-voltage high-performance vector converters and high-voltage converters. In order to achieve the goal of sustained growth in the annual sales of micro energy products, in addition to strengthening the research and development and production of professional inverter products with market competitiveness and improving the market service system, it also requires the joint efforts of the vast number of micro energy product partners to win more and more end users. Micro energy technology awards the best dealer car in the variety selection principle of Jinan Shijin hydraulic universal experimental machine in, which is undoubtedly a declaration to its agent group that adhering to the agency system emphasizes China's determination to fight in practice and the first measure to realize a win-win situation without fear of the international negative effects brought by brightening the family background. There will be larger and more surprising measures in the future. Its purpose is only one, to make wechat, one of the domestic brands of Chinese frequency converters, famous in China, so that more users can enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by wechat products

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