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Risks and opportunities of plastic packaging infusion (Part 2)

② the production of plastic packaging infusion should be subject to regular dynamic verification. An investigation found that plastic bottle infusion made of some materials could not withstand the sterilization temperature of 121 ℃. Within 30 minutes, F0 value cannot meet the standard requirements. Other manufacturers use excessive additives. Some enterprises have reduced the wall thickness of bottles, which also makes sterilization unable to reach the effective temperature in a short time

③ at present, China has not issued standards for supporting components of infusion plastic packaging, and its products are: bottle stopper, mouth tube, interface, outsourcing film, etc. In addition, the additives, inks and self-adhesive used in the production of plastic packaging materials for infusion are lack of corresponding reference standards

④ plastic packaging infusion is different from glass bottles because of its material characteristics, which makes some necessary quality assurance measures far behind. Such as effective leak detection means, plastic bag packaging, especially co extruded film packaging leak detection means, etc

4. There is a lack of mature quality assurance system in the production of packaged infusion products.

the production of plastic packaged infusion products is definitely not a simple glass bottle replacement packaging, and its production process and quality assurance system should change significantly with the renewal of packaging. For example, SOP (standard operation method) suitable for plastic packaging infusion production, etc. The infusion production enterprises jointly invested by multinational companies in China not only have advanced hardware, but also have perfect software, that is, the parent company's quality assurance system. This perfect quality assurance system is an important guarantee for these joint-venture infusion production enterprises to win a good reputation in the market

5. The production cost of plastic packaging infusion is high

① there are too many supporting imported equipment, such as water treatment system/(single machine), dosing system, sterilization cabinet, outer bag packaging machine, leak detector, etc., with large one-time investment and high depreciation

② packaging materials: high quality medical granular materials, pvc/non PVC film, film, mouth tube, rubber plug, plastic cover and many other supporting packaging materials still need to be imported, which increases the cost of packaging materials

③ the infusion production process has not been completely improved, only the packaging (filling) part has been replaced with plastic packaging (filling), but other process parts of the production line (such as the use of high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials or the application of closed liquid distribution system) have not been improved, and there are a large number of operators

6. The production of plastic packaging infusion is lack of technology and human resources

① there is a lack of strong supporting technical support in the introduction of equipment and the absorption of the processed surface of 8.4 experimental machine parts, which makes some highly automated. We still take nine dragons paper, which has been the champion of the paper industry all year round, as an example, the equipment can not be put into production for the time being, and some machines are even idle in the warehouse for a long time, which brings a great financial burden to the enterprise, It is also a great waste of equipment

② before, during and after the introduction, the enterprise has not prepared sufficient human resources for the entry of new technologies and new equipment. It is lack of qualified operators, as well as supporting management and technical personnel

opportunities for plastic packaging infusion

1. The development of domestic clinical medicine calls for high-grade and high-quality infusion, especially the infusion with new packaging. Many domestic clinicians studying or studying in European and American countries not only bring back advanced treatment schemes, but also bring a lot of new knowledge and experience of medical packaging. These doctors gave special favor to the new infusion packaging

2. The application of plastic packaging in parenteral nutrition, dialysate and surgical rinse by multinational companies and various changes in the infusion market have further promoted the new uses and packaging of infusion products. The popular barrel of 10 liter hemodialysis fluid, medical equipment and experimental instrument flushing fluid, 2000 ml peritoneal dialysis fluid and 100 ml gynecological flushing fluid, bladder flushing fluid, 40 ml, 25 ml, 10 ml and 5 ml ophthalmic flushing fluid in foreign countries are also helpful to the development of domestic infusion

3. The pharmaceutical care launched by multinational companies for domestic clinical medical staff has promoted the marketing of domestic infusion enterprises. For example, a multinational infusion enterprise promoted the dispensing center in China, which provided strong support for medical staff in avoiding drug incompatibility, reducing adverse drug reactions and sterile dispensing, and improving the safety of patients' medication

some steel mills' purchase prices continue to fall. Some suggestions for the future development of plastic packaging infusion in China:

1. The state should continue to improve the plastic packaging infusion materials and their production standards, so that infusion production enterprises can follow rules and laws in time

2. Domestic enterprises should strengthen the alliance with multinational infusion giants. Multinational enterprises are the promoters of the development of plastic packaging infusion. Whether Otsuka pharmaceutical, which promoted plastic bottle infusion 20 years ago, or Baxter, which now promotes soft bag infusion, its standards, technology, management, talent training, marketing and services are ahead of domestic enterprises. Domestic enterprises should actively learn from multinational companies, explore various forms of cooperation, and enhance their own strength

3. While making great efforts to introduce plastic packaging infusion production equipment, domestic enterprises should actively introduce foreign advanced technology, process and management of plastic packaging infusion, and make great efforts to train and introduce all kinds of talents

4. Combine scientific research and development with market procurement, maximize the reserves of new infusion drugs, improve the image of infusion products, and improve the added value of infusion

5. Actively participate in the technical exchange and information exchange of various forms of plastic packaging infusion at home and abroad, exchange experience, learn from each other, look for opportunities, maximize the efficiency of plastic packaging infusion production equipment, and avoid idleness and waste of equipment

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