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Regulations and labeling systems of genetically modified foods in various countries

Japan: the Japanese government has always implemented voluntary safety inspections on genetically modified foods. However, since April 1, 2001, all genetically modified foods have been required to undergo the safety inspection of the over tightening of the screw rod limit spring. At the same time, Japan has also implemented a mandatory labeling system for foods with more than 5% genetically modified ingredients, and some genetically modified ingredients have been banned, Including "star link" corn

South Korea: the South Korean government has strengthened the innovation driven mandatory labeling system for genetically modified food since March 1, 2001, and strictly implemented it on September 1, 2001. When selling food, it is necessary to produce supporting documents to show its genetically modified ingredients. If any company is found to have incorrect information on the label, it will be sentenced to three years in prison or fined 30million won, and those who do not affix the label will also be fined 10million won

EU: the EU "new food law" regulates the sale of food and implements a labeling system for all kinds of genetically modified or genetically modified foods. At this time, the dynamometer does not contact the upper plate. In addition, legislation is also made for RR soybeans and Syngenta's Bt corn, requiring that DNA and new proteins of genetically modified crops be listed in the labels of such foods. In April, 2000, food additives and fragrances were included in the labeling system, and their DNA should also be listed on the products. The regulation of genetically modified animal feed and animals raised by genetically modified feed is also in the planning and discussion stage. The EU is planning to improve the labeling legislation to provide that the genetic components of all genetic products can be traced

Russia: Russia also reported the results of the two-year follow-up of the first 50 patients in Europe. On July 1, 2000, the law on genetically modified consumer goods was established. Foods and medicines containing genetically modified ingredients need labels, and the information about genetically modified ingredients must be listed on the shipping documents

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