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Regulations that should be observed in the use, transportation and storage of acetylene cylinders

unit film blowing machines that use, transport and store acetylene cylinders. New film blowing machines produced by the machinery manufacturing industry include sheet film blowing machines, PE foam film blowing machines, multi-layer composite film blowing machines, color bar film blowing machines, heat shrinkable film blowing machines, etc, The corresponding management system and safety operation procedures shall be formulated according to the "safety supervision regulation for measuring displacement acetylene cylinder with wire wound high-precision linear resistance converter" and professional safety and technical education shall be carried out for relevant personnel

(1) during the use, transportation and storage of acetylene cylinders, the ambient temperature should generally not exceed 4O ℃. When it exceeds 4O ℃, effective cooling measures should be taken

(2) the color of acetylene cylinders must always be kept intact and must not be altered. The painting of acetylene cylinders in use shall be carried out by the inflation unit or professional inspection unit

(3) it should be loaded and unloaded with care. Throwing, sliding, rolling and touching are strictly prohibited

(4) the vehicle, which not only ensures the safety of users, but also extends the service life of the spring testing machine, should be properly fixed when shipping. The acetylene cylinder installed in the vehicle shall be discharged horizontally, and the head shall face one side, and shall not exceed the height of the carriage; It shall be discharged vertically, and the height of the carriage shall not be less than two-thirds of the bottle height

(5) sunshade facilities should be provided in summer to prevent exposure. Transportation in hot areas should be avoided during the day

(6) fireworks are prohibited on the vehicle, and there should be dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers (carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers are strictly prohibited)

(7) it is strictly prohibited to transport with chlorine cylinders, oxygen cylinders and inflammables

(8) strictly abide by the dangerous goods transportation regulations and relevant regulations issued by the transportation and public security departments

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