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Regulations on cargo packaging in railway transportation

the railway requires the shipper to use transportation packaging that meets transportation requirements, is convenient for loading and unloading and ensures cargo safety according to the nature, weight, transportation type, transportation distance, climate, stacking, truck loading and other conditions of the goods. The shipper shall pack the goods that need to be packed according to the national packaging standards or industrial packaging standards. If there is no national packaging standards or industrial packaging standards, it shall pack them properly so that the goods will not be damaged due to packaging during transportation

if the package of the goods transported by the shipper does not meet the requirements of the preceding paragraph, the shipper shall improve it before consignment, otherwise the railway will not carry it. However, if the goods are in a defective state, which will not affect the safety of the goods, the shipper can make a specific note in the cargo waybill before consignment

at present, the packaging standard of the railway industry "railway less than carload cargo transportation packaging management measures" has clear provisions in the annex "railway less than carload cargo transportation packaging conditions" (hereinafter referred to as "conditions", the same below). According to the Railway Law and relevant regulations, combined with the characteristics of railway freight transportation with high value as peak cargo, Jinan Shijin introduced through more than two years of preparatory work to determine that all less than carload goods transported by railway must use transportation packaging that meets the requirements of the conditions. If there are no unified packaging requirements in the "conditions" or the shipper requests to change the packaging, it must be identified by the Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of railways or the transportation packaging inspection department recognized by the Railway Bureau. After it is considered that it meets the safety requirements of railway cargo transportation, the shipper shall submit the packaging trial run application and packaging inspection certificate to the carrier station, negotiate the conditions with the station, sign the trial run agreement, and then organize the trial run

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