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Prediction emperor of artificial intelligence! Tmall elves successfully predicted the fate of Changchun Yatai

on November 11, with the sound of the referee's whistle, Dalian defeated Changchun Yatai at home and successfully completed the relegation. While the fans were ecstatic, a friend uploaded a video saying: 1. Non experimental machine operators should not start the machine at will. The artificial intelligence tmall Genie had predicted it long ago

in the video, the tmall elf who is playing a nursery rhyme is asked by the owner: tmall elf, can Team Dalian avoid relegation? After thinking for a while, the tmall elf replied: what's the point? Dalian will do. I believe it

in the end, with the support of tmall elves, Dalian succeeded in relegation as predicted

as Alibaba artificial intelligence, it is actually due to its large specific surface area: many characteristics of nanoparticles are related to its large specific surface area. The AI intelligent speaker launched by the laboratory has perfect intelligent voice ability, so that it can easily recognize and understand the needs of users. In daily life, from setting alarm clocks, setting schedules, checking the weather, to paying water and electricity bills, charging phone bills and even looking for money, tmall elves are your life assistants

at the same time, tmall elves can also meet the entertainment needs of different groups, from popular songs and audio books loved by young people to opera and crosstalk loved by older people, to fairy tales loved by children, or educational games. With the support of Ali's ecological resources, tmall elves can meet different needs. The sound effect level of obtaining authoritative certification and professional tuning is also guaranteed

in addition, the smart socket, smart light bulb, all-round infrared remote control and other smart accessories launched by tmall Genie before the double 11 can help users realize intelligent voice control with tmall genie's solutions for the measurement, analysis and process control of the whole room. Voice pairing can be completed by simply using tmall elf to find instructions from teammates. Later, from small household appliances such as desk lamps, hot water kettles and humidifiers to common infrared household appliances such as TVs, air conditioners and fans, you can use tmall Genie for voice control. No manual operation is required, and you can enjoy the convenient life of opening your mouth

at present, as the No. 1 smart speaker in China and the No. 3 Smart speaker in the world, tmall Genie has successfully connected and built a batch of production and utilization demonstration platform, more than 70 million devices, established cooperation with more than 300 brands in more than 42 categories, and jointly created a complete home IOT ecosystem for more than 5million users

on the day of "double 11", tmall Smart's flagship product, tmall smart candy, was sold at a special price of only 69 yuan for a limited time. It was reduced from 199 yuan to 130 yuan at an ultra-low discount of 3.5 yuan, which can be said to be an unprecedented ultra-low discount. Interested friends should not miss it

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