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The artificial intelligence technology park of Wuhan Development Zone has established an incubation center with the global AI giant. The old industrial plant with a history of more than 20 years has been transformed into a high-tech park, aiming at the most cutting-edge and cutting-edge AI industry. It has cooperated with the global AI giant NVIDIA to establish an innovation incubation center

On November 9, on the original site of zhuanyang Street Private Science and Technology Industrial Park, Wuhan Development Zone artificial intelligence science and Technology Park was officially launched

according to the introduction, this artificial intelligence science park project covers an area of 201 mu, with a total investment of 2.007 billion yuan. It will introduce upstream and downstream enterprises related to artificial intelligence to form an industrial cluster. At the same time, it provides the whole process incubation service for innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises and promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

the person in charge of Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Science Park said that artificial intelligence is booming all over the world, providing a new possibility for the further development of economy and society. After the completion of Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Science Park, it will promote the mass entrepreneurship and innovation in Wuhan Development Zone, attract excellent scientific and technological innovation enterprises to settle down, and promote the accelerated development of new technologies, new business forms and new models, as well as the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

provide technical support for early AI projects and attract global AI enterprises to focus on Wuhan

on November 9, the park cooperated with NVIDIA (NVIDIA), the global AI computing industry leader, to establish the country's first "NVIDIA inception Incubation Center (Central China)", which will provide guarantee for the implementation of AI technology and enterprise development

it is reported that in the future, nvidiainception incubation center will take Wuhan as the center, radiate to central China and provide free incubation technical support for early AI projects. For early projects that join the "NVIDIA startup acceleration program", not only the most favorable and advanced office conditions will be provided, but also training, salons, roadshows and other activities and exchange opportunities will be held

the person in charge of Wuhan artificial intelligence technology park said that this time, he has made in-depth cooperation with NVIDIA, hoping to attract global enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence to focus on Wuhan Development Zone through the role of the wind vane of the industry's top enterprises, so as to inject new impetus into regional industrial upgrading

as a national development zone with the strongest comprehensive strength in the central and western regions, Wuhan Development Zone is seizing the historical opportunity brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. The construction of the artificial intelligence Industrial Park will promote the transformation of the kinetic energy of the Development Zone, revitalize the existing stock resources, enhance the urban value and achieve sustainable development

On November 9, the artificial intelligence Industrial Park of Wuhan Development Zone was launched. Representatives of 37 artificial intelligence enterprises gathered in Wuhan to hold the "Wuhan artificial intelligence science and Technology Summit" to discuss the future development trend of artificial intelligence and inject new momentum into the development of China's artificial intelligence industry

at the same time, the semi-final of "2018 NVIDIA inception awards start-up competition" was also fiercely contested on the same day. Finally, seven outstanding innovative enterprises came to the fore. They will appear at the event site of GTC china2018, the world's most influential surface contact event between the two, to show the innovation power of China's artificial intelligence to the world

nvidia inception awards start-up competition brings together many of the most creative innovative enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence. From more than 200 innovative enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence in China, after two months of three city competitions, the hook and loop lock horizontal tensile testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used for static tensile performance tests of materials and parts. More than 30 professional investors are selected by the jury layer by layer, and more than 30 founders of start-ups finally gather in Wuhan to compete in Jingchu. After a technology collision representing the future of China's artificial intelligence industry, seven enterprises including yiziliu technology, tanzhicube, Zhiqing information, Jitu intelligence, dealtape, qingfan technology and MiWen power were finally shortlisted for the finals

nvidia China Senior Marketing Director Ms. liunianning said, "NVIDIA has always been committed to helping AI start-ups' technological innovation and enterprise development. The technology application level of the participating enterprises in this competition is generally high, indicating that China's AI technology and application have begun to take shape in industrialization. This cooperation with Wuhan Development Zone Ai science and technology park also hopes to improve the enterprise incubation chain through this industry focused spatial carrier form, so as to provide high-quality AI start-up technology Landing and sustainable development, providing more preferential policy support and more comprehensive enterprise services. "

promote the "Han Hong Kong connectivity plan" with Hong Kong Science Park, and open a green channel for mainland enterprises to conduct business in Hong Kong.

at the scene, Hong Kong Science Park was invited to Wuhan, and "Han Hong Kong connectivity" became another highlight of the event. As the only science and Technology Industrial Park in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Science Park has created a superior innovation environment and industrial ecology for the development of Hong Kong Science and innovation enterprises, and has also achieved fruitful results

the artificial intelligence Park of Wuhan Development Zone has established a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong Science Park to promote the "Han Hong Kong connectivity plan". The two sides have carried out in-depth cooperation in brand building, industrial docking, R & D support, project connectivity and other aspects, opening a green channel for mainland enterprises to carry out business in Hong Kong

the two science and Technology Parks take the "Han Hong Kong connectivity" as the high point of cost performance, rely on the mainland's vigorous innovation force, take advantage of Hong Kong's special regional advantages, broaden cooperation networks, introduce cutting-edge vision, and provide more rich development channels for start-ups

at the summit site, 32 artificial intelligence enterprises shortlisted in NVIDIA inception awards competition have intended to settle in the artificial intelligence science park of Wuhan Development Zone

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