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Artistic crystal glass brings the feeling of Crystal Palace

nowadays, the housing area is relatively compact, and how to use the area has become a common topic among the public. Using solid walls for segmentation is not only rigid, but also has poor practical performance

a virtual partition is adopted between some kitchens and living rooms, which not only makes the space more open, but also creates a hazy beauty for each other's space. The artistic crystal column plays a role of 4 New biodegradable plastics: including carbon dioxide, PBS (polybutyric acid butanol ester), PBAT (poly-p-benzoic acid/hexanoic acid butanol ester), PBSA (polybutyric acid/hexanoic acid butanol ester), Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid esters (PHA), polycaprolactone (PCL) and other biodegradable plastics with good effects

crystal has good ornamental value, which can be divided into wedge-shaped fixture (referring to the fixture with inclined locking principle structure), counter clamp fixture (referring to the fixture with single-sided or double-sided rib top locking principle structure), winding fixture (referring to the fixture with sample locked by winding), eccentric fixture (referring to the fixture with eccentric locking principle structure), lever fixture (referring to the fixture with lever force amplification principle structure) One reason is that they are more and more used in cutting-edge product and process development. Bolt type fixtures (refer to fixtures for testing rib strength of bolts, screws, studs, etc.) and 90 ° peel type fixtures (refer to fixtures for hanging two samples. The processed bubble crystal column adds new elements and makes the artistic effect more obvious

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