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Artificial intelligence has swept the world. Intelligent lighting has become a trend.

the upsurge of artificial intelligence has swept the world for many years. This "head goose" has already pulled many domestic industries to "take off". As the field most closely related to public life, home has long become a hot field of artificial intelligence, which has attracted much attention. Many businesses have written the slogan of smart home into the enterprise slogan. People are in full swing and can imagine that a spider crawls on the web to move towards the intelligent era

in the field of smart home, the European Aluminum Association (EAA) has launched the collection of life cycle indicator data of aluminum production and manufacturing enterprises in major European countries, which plays an important role in improving the quality of life, work efficiency and management level, and has been favored in recent years. For example, if the brightness of the light is the strongest in the morning, the system will dim or turn off the light; In the window area, the system will intelligently use outdoor natural light. Similarly, when the weather is sunny, the indoor lights will be automatically dimmed; If the weather is dark, the indoor lights will automatically turn on; When night falls, the system will automatically enter the "evening" working state, and automatically and slowly adjust the lights in each area. In this way, people can be in the most comfortable light environment all day

therefore, with the development of domestic intelligent lighting R & D and production technology and the increase of product promotion, intelligent lighting control systems such as intelligent induction lamp, intelligent colorful lamp and atmosphere lighting effect control have sprung up. Intelligent control of household lighting is expected to be popularized

data show that in 2017, the global intelligent lighting market was close to US $4.6 billion, with an annual growth of 95%. It is estimated that by 2020, the market scale will reach US $13.4 billion, of which civil use accounts for 40%, and maintain the momentum of rapid growth and shortening the R & D cycle. With the improvement of living standards, smart home lighting applications will become more and more common, and will become a new outlet for the development of lighting industry

in order to welcome the outbreak of intelligent lighting market, all major lighting enterprises are stepping up the research and development of intelligent lighting products. Previously, IKEA, a traditional home furnishing giant, also launched a series of smart devices such as smart speakers and smart lighting

in addition, with the rapid development of lighting design discipline and the gradual change of living style by the end of 2015, great changes have taken place in intelligent lighting fixtures, light sources, colors, materials, styles and design methods. The intelligent home lighting system is gradually developing from functional and aesthetic design to artistic and humanistic design. Huguojian, honorary tutor of Philips Lighting elite designer's growth plan, said: "people's perceptual system is affected by nature. People's instinctive demand for light has been changing for thousands of years. Intelligent lighting can be constantly adjusted and changed according to people's needs. The responsibility of lighting designers is to help owners find out their own lighting demand points and customize their own lighting system with intelligent lighting."

in the future, based on the research of human behavior, visual efficacy, visual physiology and psychology, the development of more scientific, people-oriented, efficient, comfortable, healthy and intelligent lighting products will become the focus of attention. The combination of intelligent technology and lighting enables lighting to better meet the lighting needs of different individuals and groups at different levels. It is an essential technical means to make lighting meet the general needs to meet the individual and diversified needs. This is the development direction of intelligent lighting in the future

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