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Artificial intelligence will profoundly change the face of war

artificial intelligence will profoundly change the face of war

defeat dozens of top go players in man-machine war and retired pilots of the US Air Force in simulated air combat... In recent years, artificial intelligence is like a versatile "magician", creating endless miracles. It not only surprises many people, but also constantly refreshes people's imagination

as a technology dedicated to plastic 5 gold products, it will become a new consumption hot spot and a new economic growth point. It is a technical science that simulates, extends and expands human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has already surpassed scientists' initial imagination and entered a "blowout period" of rapid development. It is profoundly changing human production and life style and promoting the accelerated leap of social form from digitalization and networking to intelligence. At the same time, the wide application of artificial intelligence technology in the military field will fundamentally change the winning mechanism and mode of modern war, give birth to new operational means and ideas, and accelerate the war form into an intelligent era

in intelligent war, intelligent equipment, intelligent command, intelligent maintenance, and intelligent combat mode are all imaginable - the "false" made by artificial intelligence is everywhere in the whole process of war preparation, progress, and conclusion, and "the false is confused with the true"; Inanimate agents and robot combatants play a prominent role in intelligent warfare. The "cloud brain", "digital staff" and "virtual warehouse" used for information support, command and control, effect evaluation and logistics support will further reduce fuel consumption. Artificial intelligence combat forces will play an increasingly important role in future wars, and intelligent machines and intelligent weapons will become the main force in future battlefields; The long-range, precise, miniaturized and large-scale unmanned attack will become the main form of attack, and the "man to man" war will expand to the war of "machine independent operation"; Intelligent bee swarm attrition warfare, cross domain mobile warfare and cognitive control warfare will become the basic types of operations; Decentralized man-machine deployment, autonomous coordination and concentrated energy attack and defense operations have become the basic criteria for cross domain integration and whole domain operations; The "observation judgment decision action" link is greatly shortened, and the operation rhythm is faster, the action is more accurate, and the efficiency is higher; The upgrading training of artificial intelligence systems and various unmanned combat platforms through continuous confrontation exercises will become an important way to improve combat effectiveness. Intelligence will surpass firepower, mobility and information, and become the most critical factor in determining the outcome of a war. What follows is that the connotation of battlefield control power will need to be redefined, new themes will be added to international arms negotiations, and the textbook of deterrence theory will also be rewritten

the world's military power represented by the United States foresees the broad application prospect of artificial intelligence technology in the military field, believes that the future war will be intelligent war and the future arms race will be intelligent race, and has arranged a series of research plans in advance, hoping to seize the opportunity of the militarization of artificial intelligence and strive to open up a "generation gap" with potential rivals. In recent years, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Department of defense and various services have deployed a series of artificial intelligence technology research projects in the military field. The US Department of defense also proposed to establish a "joint artificial intelligence center", planned to jointly promote artificial intelligence projects with the US military and 17 intelligence agencies, and planned to build an intelligent military system supported by military technology and military applications. Russia also regards artificial intelligence as the commanding height of future military competition. The Russian army is stepping up the development of humanoid robots that can drive vehicles and building robot forces that can fight side by side with human soldiers. Russian President Vladimir Putin said: "artificial intelligence is not only the future of Russia, but also the future of all mankind. It contains huge opportunities and unpredictable threats today." Britain, Japan, Australia, South Korea, India and other countries also pay more and more attention to the development and application of artificial intelligence in the military field

nowadays, it may be difficult to stop the militarization of artificial intelligence. In the face of the new situation, we need to firmly grasp the major historical opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence, study and judge the general trend, actively plan, grasp the direction, seize the opportunity, and effectively safeguard national security. At the same time, proceeding from the future and destiny of mankind, the international community should establish a mechanism to prevent the excessive application of artificial intelligence in military affairs as soon as possible. After all, the power of human beings to create civilization should not become a tool to destroy civilization. Scientific and technological progress should become a blessing for mankind, rather than a death knell threatening human survival and development

(author: Academy of Military Sciences)

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