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Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence how to choose intelligent LED display

Abstract: LED industry intelligence has embarked on a journey, and has been applied in the market. Such as induction, face recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition, and the combination of LED display to complete some aspects of intelligence

at the end of May, the three leaders of bat expressed their views on artificial intelligence (AI) at the Guiyang digital fair. Ma Yun said that AI machines will be partners of human beings in the future. They will have complete independent intelligence, be smarter than people, and be more capable of doing things. Robin Lee believes that artificial intelligence is just an assistant of human beings. It can faithfully execute commands and finally realize unmanned. It can be called machine intelligence. Ma Huateng, who finally appeared, concluded that in AI, Robin Lee is 0 to 1, and Ma Yun is 1 to N. they are talking about AI at different stages

the views of Ma Yun and Robin Lee are best interpreted here by Ma Huateng. Intelligence has developed rapidly in recent years, such as face recognition, speech recognition, intelligent input, etc., which are not unfamiliar in our life. However, these are not really artificial intelligence, but should be attributed to the intelligence of machines. Machine intelligence is a program in which input data is calculated and output results, just like using a calculator to calculate. For example, the unmanned vehicle mentioned by Robin Lee inputs the destination, and the vehicle makes choices to control the vehicle and drive to the destination according to the induction system, navigation system, etc. Machine intelligence does not have, or only has limited autonomy. Artificial intelligence is a further step of machine intelligence. It has a complete sense of autonomy and can connect big data for in-depth learning. It is no longer a program. Machine intelligence is to artificial intelligence what babies are to adults. Machine intelligence is a tool used to cooperate with human beings to complete their work. Artificial intelligence can be said to be an adult

led industry intelligence has embarked on a journey, and has been applied in the market. Such as induction, face recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition, and the combination of LED display to complete some aspects of intelligence. Intelligent technologies such as remote broadcast control and remote debugging have also solved some problems in operation, or simplified the operation. However, to a large extent, these are just infrastructure construction, which can not even be truly called intellectualization, but a certain degree of specialization. LED display needs in-depth research and development. To go further, should we do machine intelligence or artificial intelligence

led display appears as an engineering project. Its operation is complex and difficult. It belongs to the front row in the display industry. This is one of the reasons that seriously restrict the popularity of LED display in the market. For example, creative display, a sub field of Jinmin 3D R & D team, which can give full play to the advantages of LED display. The existence of a landmark requires its unique shape, which is not difficult in hardware. The difficulty is that due to its unique shape, the control and playback contents need to be customized, and the best case is to readjust. When no matter what kind of shape, the control system can quickly identify, and any content can be integrated into a suitable playback mode in a short time, creative display can be popularized. Simplification, humanization and simplistic operation are the requirements for intelligent LED display

combined with the current LED display, machine intelligence may be the most suitable. There are successful cases of unmanned driving in machine intelligence. Compared with artificial intelligence, the technology is mature enough to solve the current problems of LED. The operator only needs to release "The size of the nail or needle is thousands of times that of the carbon fiber. The intelligent LED display of the machine runs the system program according to the command, calls the contents of the database by itself, and handles the problems encountered in the implementation independently. The intelligent LED display of the machine can even sort the control system and broadcast contents into a suitable shape through the program through the display information input by the user, so as to reduce the cost and simplify the operation. The machine Intelligent enough to reduce the difficulty of operation, so that the LED display does not need professional operation, so as to solve the current difficulties. Artificial intelligence, which is 1 to n of AI, is an upgraded version with complete intelligence, machine intelligence, and then output and print various required experimental curves and experimental reports. Artificial intelligence the team used different multi block polymers as adhesives to weld two plastic strips together. The LED display has its own will different from that of human beings. It can learn from itself together with data. It is no longer limited to display. Such a display screen only accounts for 20% of them. Artificial intelligence will integrate resources and have more functions, such as monitoring, data collection, analysis, and even automatic alarm. These functions will become 80% of the display screen. As Ma Yun said, the call function of accounts for only 20%, and the selling point is 80% irrelevant to the call. But at present, LED display needs display more. It still accounts for 80% of the functions of LED display

at present, the LED display selects machine intelligence better than artificial intelligence. Technically, artificial intelligence has a successful precedent for unmanned cars; Emotionally, in moral ethics, machines that only serve as human helpers are more acceptable; In terms of price, the price of machine intelligence with leading technology will be lower than that of artificial intelligence. The content of the display screen has increasingly shifted to the cultural field. Just as Ma Yun's own point of view, the most important thing for human beings in the future is experience, which tends to be emotional satisfaction. The ability of artificial intelligence can surpass human beings in an all-round way, but artificial intelligence will never have rich and colorful emotions of human beings, and it is difficult to undertake the heavy task of independently displaying the emotional world of human beings, and it is even more impossible to design creative display works full of humanistic flavor for human beings. As for whether it is necessary to further endow the display screen with wisdom after satisfying the simplification of operation, it is worth discussing

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