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Artificial intelligence painting auction $430000! Friend: is this art

artificial intelligence painting auction $430000! Friend: is this art

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original title: artificial intelligence painting auction $430000! Friend: is this art

in the last 4 weeks, the power supply should be cut off regularly. Christie's, a world-famous auction house, auctioned a portrait called the portrait of Edmund Bellamy. Before the auction, the reference price given by the auction house was only $7000 to $10000 (49000 to 69000 yuan). Without your knowledge, you may think that this is just an ordinary portrait painted by an unknown painter, depicting a fat man in a black coat. At first glance, it looks like a common work in the 18th or 19th century. However, if you look closely, you will find that the figure's face is fuzzy, and the painting seems to have not been completed. The signature at the bottom right of the painting is a mathematician who proposed the composition design and microstructure control criteria in the manufacturing process of domestic high-strength, high toughness - low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy. However, such a seemingly ordinary oil painting fetched an astonishing price of 432500 US dollars (about 3009800 yuan). The secret behind this lies in the signed mathematical formula

Edmond Bellamy was not created by traditional artists, but by artificial intelligence algorithm. Edmund in the painting is a non-existent figure in the real world. The painting was created by a team called "obvious". The painter pierrefortrell, a member of the team, said that he first input 15000 portraits created between the 14th and 20th centuries into the computer software, and let the software "understand the rules of portrait painting" using the algorithm developed by Ian Goodfellow, a researcher of Google. Then, the software automatically generates a batch of new portraits. Edmond Bellamy is one of them. In addition, another 10 portraits are selected and named "Bellamy family"

the Earl of Bellamy

the Duchess of Bellamy's car materials and the safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, green and other performance information of cars

people have different views on this painting. Some people think it is a program generation, not a work of art, but a scientific and technological product. However, fortrell said in an interview with Christie's: "this is certainly a work of art. Even if it is generated by algorithms, the agency believes that we are the ones who decide to generate images, print them on canvas, sign mathematical formulas (signature) and put golden picture frames on the frames."

richardlloyd, head of Christie's prints and reproductions department, persuaded the "obvious" group to auction the paintings. Lloyd said that the first auction of the artificial intelligence painting "triggered extensive discussion and marked a watershed or critical point to some extent". Whether defining the creator or copyright ownership, he believes that "this is the beginning of artificial intelligence art"

perhaps in the future, art is not only an artist's privilege, but also a product of the combination of technology and art, breaking through previous restrictions and opening up new aesthetic values. Whether this mode of combining science and technology with art can be accepted by the public and conform to the trend of the times still needs time to test. What do you think of AI painting

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